Switchvox Integration for Microsoft

Features for Microsoft Teams and Switchvox Integrations

Switchvox For Teams

Switchvox Integration for Microsoft

Enable Click-To-Dial from Microsoft Teams.

Click a contact’s phone number or extension and the outbound call will be through your main Switchvox phone extension.

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Switchvox Active Directory / LDAP integration

With Switchvox, you can take advantage of the directory services solution your organization already utilizes, giving users one less password to remember and administrators an easier solution to manage.

Switchvox integrates with Active Directory/LDAP so users can log in with their standard Active Directory/LDAP credentials to access and manage their own personal Switchvox settings.

Switchvox For Outlook

Integrate Outlook with Switchvox

Switchvox for Outlook enables users to dial an Outlook contact’s phone number using your Switchvox phone.

Know Who's Calling with Switchvox for Outlook​

Any time an incoming call matches an Outlook contact record, Switchvox for Outlook will provide a screen popup with information about that contact.

Switchvox For Hyper-V

Virtualize Switchvox with Hyper-V and enjoy improved Scalability, Cost Savings and easy maintenance.

Switchvox Cloud - Hosted
Phone System

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Managed in the Cloud

Switchvox On-Premises

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