Click-To-Dial From Any Browser

With Switchvox Dial

Click-To-Dial With Switchvox

Want to call a phone number, any phone number, that’s on a website? Want to call them without having to manually enter the number into your phone? Switchvox Dial, for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, is your click-to-dial answer. Switchvox Dial can easily help with the following:

Highlighter Icon

Automatically Find and Highlight all phone numbers in the current webpage

Click to Dial with Switchvox Icon

Dial any phone number with three simple steps: select the phone number, right-click, and choose dial

Click to Dial with Switchvox Icon

Simple redial, even if you’ve already left the webpage

To download Switchvox Dial for Chrome or Firefox, use the links found in the Resources section below.

For the latest versions, you may also visit the Google Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-Ons page and search for Switchvox Dial.

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