Business Phone System Apps and Integrations

Switchvox Apps & Integrations

Switchvox offers all of the advanced features you expect from an integrated phone system.

With Switchvox, it’s more than just the call. It’s about utilizing your UC solution to solve business challenges. Best of all, access to all Switchvox applications is free. Try them all today and see how extending communication beyond voice can empower your workforce.

Switchvox Integrations

Switchvox Softphones

Sangoma places all the power of a Switchvox IP Phone into a mobile and desktop softphone, allowing users to make and receive calls (and so much more) from any device.

Feature-rich and powerful, the Switchvox Softphones will keep productivity at an all time high, inside or outside the office.

Switchvox Cloud - Hosted
Phone System

Prefer a monthly subscription
Managed in the Cloud

Switchvox On-Premises

Prefer a capital expense
Managed on-site

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