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Switchvox makes PBX system administration easy

Switchvox Admin Portal Interface
Switchvox Admin Portal Interface on a Laptop screen

Switchvox Admin Portal

Maintain, manage, and control your phone system from anywhere in the world. Switchvox makes it easy to administer your phone system without needing to memorize special command lines, dial-in menu prompts, or complex telephony terms. With Switchvox’s browser-based administrator portal and smartphone app, you’re in control.

Simple Administration

Switchvox makes it easy to set up even the most complex of PBX features. The intuitive, browser-based admin portal provides a point-and-click interface that is simple enough for even novice phone system administrators to manage. Each section of the admin portal includes a built-in help menu to guide you through configuration. Simple drop-down menus, quick-links, and new feature tutorial panels prevent common mistakes and let you focus on overall design, not vendor-specific syntax or commands.

IP Phone D8 Series

Easy Feature Configuration​

Switchvox takes the guesswork out of setting up complex phone system features. Interactive voice response (IVR) or auto attendants can be executed with easy-to-read prompts and wizards. Advanced recording, automatic backup, multi-site peering, and even contact management are all made simple and intuitive. Simply select the appropriate menu item, click through easy-to-understand buttons and dropdowns, and your advanced PBX feature is configured quickly and effectively.

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Granular Control & Reporting

Set up multiple system administrator accounts and grant permissions to specific individuals based upon job title, role, or your own unique requirements. This lets you share the administrative responsibilities, but control who is able to do what. For example, with the advanced reporting capabilities of the admin portal, call team managers can access the call detail records they need to improve their department’s workflow, business logic, and staffing requirements – all on their own.

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For an inside look at how easy it is to manage and maintain Switchvox, join us for our weekly live demo to see Switchvox and the Switchvox Admin portal in action!

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