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Why Choose Switchvox?

Choosing a phone system can be complicated. 

We’ve put together a a series of videos to educate you on how you can benefit from a Switchvox system from Sangoma. 

When you need to make the right call, Sangoma has the answer.

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IP Phones for Switchvox

Business phones are an integral part of any communications solution. Digium IP phones for Switchvox offer an unmatched feature set at a budget-friendly price.

Reception the Right Way

With Digium’s Switchvox phone system, your company can deliver a consistent, professional impression with either a friendly, approachable, live receptionist or an automated Interactive

Switchvox Click to Dial

It’s time to stop writing down phone numbers that you’ve found on the web. Break the cycle and use Switchvox Dial for Chrome and

Switchvox Softphone Highlights

The Softphone Everyone’s Talking About! Never miss a call, even when you are away from your desk.

The Value of Voicemail

Your business voicemail should be convenient, not cumbersome. Special access codes, dial-in numbers and confusing prompts belong in the past. With voicemail features from

Your Business on Your Time

Missed business calls are inconvenient and can result in dissatisfied customers or lost revenue. With the Digium Switchvox phone system, you will never miss

Call Centers

Learn how your contact center, tech support, or help desk can manage calls with ease using the web-based Switchvox Switchboard.

Managing Extensions

See how easy it is to create and manage users, extensions, or permissions with Switchvox’s intuitive, web-based Administrator portal.


The Switchvox Softphone app for Android and iOS gives you the power of your desk phone, in the palm of your hand.


Learn more about particular calls, maintain SLAs and Metrics, and export your call data with Switchvox reporting. Reports are included for every user at

Switchboard Overview

We’ll walk through the features of the browser-based Switchboard, including the layout, widgets, call queues, and wallboard.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Watch an overview of how to use Switchvox’s web-based Administrator portal to create new users, complete with group permissions, and set security settings and


Whether your business offers a call center, contact center or help desk, Switchvox can help optimize your inbound calls through call queues, interactive voice

A Better Experience

With Switchvox call center features, agents can efficiently direct and answer calls, giving both customers and employees the calling experience they deserve.

Empower Your Workforce

Switchvox offers your agents the intuitive Switchboard interface with call control, allowing them to manage your customers’ inbound call distribution with ease.

Customizable Call Flows

Enhance customer experience and keep hold times to a minimum by allowing your agents to create as many call queues as they need for

Slay Your SLAs

With Switchvox, there is no additional software required for monitoring call center statistics or getting detailed reports, allowing you to efficiently optimize your service

Switchvox for Salesforce

Switchvox works within Salesforce, one of the world’s most widely-used CRM applications, to handle common tasks for you so you can focus on your

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