Build Your Own Communications Platform with APIdaze (CPaaS)

No commercial off-the-shelf software meeting your needs? Tired of wasting time juggling multiple, disparate communications tools to get the job done?

Tie together Voice, Video, and SMS, for example, and integrate customized solutions into your existing user interface or business processes with our pre-built APIs in our communications platform/SDK environment.

APIdaze is our CPaaS platform for programmable telephony that clients have used to develop custom IVRs, create webhooks for WebRTC, and even develop AI Bot responders. Build your own call center, integrate SMS in your softphone client, automate call tracking applications, and more; the applications are nearly endless.

APIdaze enables you to create the perfect communication solution platform, or augment your existing one, without the time and money building it all by yourself.

Check out this customer testimonial for more details.

APIdaze can integrate with your existing platform to enhance your development efforts. APIdaze is highly customizable and uses our pre-built communications API’s to enable your developers to add real-time voice, video, and messaging elements into VoIP, web, and mobile applications.

Download our paper on the CPaaS Revolution to learn more about how APIdaze can streamline your communication platform development efforts.

About Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services

Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services, formerly known as VI, provides value-added resellers access to industry-best Sip Trunking products and carrier services, over our own nation-wide network at discounted rates to service aggregators. We offer wholesale Trunking as a Service (TaaS), provide telecom compliance and regulatory solutions, SPAM/Fraud protections, and reseller-focused features such as Hosted Billing. Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services continues a legacy of innovations in product development, the expansion of our core networks and to advance technological capabilities, such as CPaaS, to help value-added resellers thrive as communications service providers.

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