The NetFortris Acquisition

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Chief Product & Marketing, Sangoma

NetFortris A Sangoma Company LogoSome of you may have noticed by now that this morning Sangoma announced it has acquired NetFortris. Why, you might ask? Well, there are a few key reasons. First of all, NetFortris has a UCaaS platform, and has been very successful selling it with tens of thousands of UCaaS seats. Their revenue is over $50M/ year, and over 90% of that revenue is recurring. As such, this acquisition furthers Sangoma’s goal towards creating additional scale, and more firmly establishes us as a profitable, top-tier cloud communications company.

Many of you also know that Sangoma offers a mix of Communication as a Service offerings – UC, Video Meetings, Collaboration, Apps/CPaaS, Trunking, Fax and Access Control. So, by having more UCaaS seats, this enables Sangoma, through our partners, to cross-sell our other “as a Service” solutions to those existing seats.

And, NetFortris also comes with additional “as a Service” solutions that Sangoma did not have, namely Security (enterprise VPN/Firewall), network connectivity, and SD-WAN. We can also offer these products to our entire UCaaS base. You, as an end-user, can obtain all the services you need from one vendor. And you, as a partner, can get all these services from one place. This ‘one stop shopping’ concept makes it easier for everyone.

Obviously, there is more to it than a single blog, but at a high level, these were the deal drivers. We’re looking forward to integrating this all together for you.

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Jim Machi - Senior VP of Product Management and Marketing for Sangoma
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