Success Story

Canadian Environmental Services

Canadian Environmental Services Company Achieves Business Transformation with Sangoma's Hybrid Network Solution

The Customer

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this environmental services company has approximately 150 locations across the USA and Canada.

Business Challenges

The customer needed to undertake a substantial network upgrade to support a new cloud-based ERP application that required high bandwidth and seamless connectivity across their vast network. Their existing infrastructure was not equipped to handle the demands of this cutting-edge ERP system. The specific challenges that they faced included the need to upgrade their network infrastructure to support the new cloud-based ERP application efficiently, ensuring the seamless flow of data across all their locations. They had several remote locations that presented connectivity challenges, and many aggregators were unable to provide a comprehensive solution that covered all these sites. Cost-effectiveness was crucial, and they were looking for a solution that allowed them to utilize various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to get the best value for their investment.

Solutions from Sangoma

They faced complex network requirements and sought Sangoma’s help. Sangoma provided a full hybrid network solution that included SD-WAN, IPSEC, and SSL connectivity. This hybrid approach allowed them to optimize their network performance by combining different types of connections. Sangoma’s solution included a combination of Fiber/Broadband, Broadband/Broadband, and Broadband/4G connections, providing them with the flexibility and redundancy needed to support their network. To enhance network security, Sangoma deployed a Cloud Firewall with Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, safeguarding their data and operations. Sangoma also manages their WiFi and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, ensuring the network’s reliability and performance. Additionally, Sangoma established direct connections to Azure and Oracle, ensuring seamless and efficient cloud integration for the customer’s operations.

The Results

The partnership between The Environmental Services Company and Sangoma resulted in significant improvements and transformative outcomes. Sangoma’s hybrid network solution provided the high bandwidth needed to support their new cloud-based ERP application, enabling efficient data flow and improving business operations. The solution effectively covered their diverse and often remote locations, addressing connectivity challenges that other aggregators could not overcome. By leveraging multiple ISPs and Sangoma’s flexible solution, they achieved cost-effective network connectivity without compromising performance or reliability. In conclusion, Sangoma’s innovative hybrid network solution played a crucial role in helping The Environmental Services Company enhance their network infrastructure, paving the way for a successful adoption of their new cloud-based ERP application. The partnership enabled cost-efficient and reliable connectivity across their extensive network, ultimately driving business efficiency and performance improvements.