A Modern Approach to Wholesale SIP Trunking

Jim Machi
VP of Marketing, Sangoma

SIP Trunking is important for any enterprise these days – this is the connection into your building that carries phone calls to an on-premise UC platform, or is the underpinning of any cloud communications service.   It must be robust, be resilient, be able to offer a wide array of DIDs, and comply with local telephony laws such as location service.

However, in today’s world, that is not enough, especially if you are a wholesale SIP trunk provider.  More and more, additional services are expected of the wholesale SIP trunking provider.  Services now expected include:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Texting
  • Emergency Services 
  • Cloud-based Management Portal, so the client can perform self-service on common functions

Frost and Sullivan’s whitepaperDiscover the Modern Approach to Wholesale SIP Trunking thumbnail on this topic outlines what a modern SIP Trunking business needs to provide.

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