Digium Softphone – Desktop Softphone for Switchvox Introduced

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Switchvox Desktop Softphone

Introducing Digium Softphone

As part of our dedication to enriching the Switchvox ecosystem with new features, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Switchvox Desktop Softphone for macOS and Windows, Digium Softphone!

Our Digium Softphone is similar to our popular mobile app but now available on your desktop computer, the desktop softphone further enhances the UC experience. It is a great option for anyone who needs to stay connected to the office from wherever they go.

The new Switchvox Desktop Softphone is absolutely free and available now to all users on Switchvox 7 installations with active support subscriptions.

Why You Need A Desktop Softphone 

  • Best Unified Communication Tool for Remote Work: Digium Softphone is an evolved business communication for the evolving workforce. Get users access to extensions in and out of the office, video chat and screen share remotely for improved collaboration. 
  • User Friendly Mobile App: The Digium Softphone app offers a supportive platform for a wide variety of work situations where users can use their personal device to conduct business as well as keeping personal device information private.

Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate the benefits of the new Switchvox Desktop Softphone:

Ready to get Digium Softphone? Here’s how:

The all new Switchvox Desktop Softphone is only available on Switchvox installations running the latest major version Switchvox 7.0 and requires updating to Switchvox version 7.1 or later.

For an overview of the new Switchvox Desktop Softphone, click here.

We hope you enjoy the new Switchvox Desktop Softphone! Stay tuned for more features as we continue to improve Switchvox Digium Softphone, the best value in UC!

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