AstriCon 2020

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Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Sangoma

AstriCon typically takes place in October. And this year we had a great one planned. However, as announced two weeks ago, we have decided not to do an in-person event this year. I think we all understand it’s just not feasible in this environment.
AstriCon Logo 2020Instead, we will do a virtual event on October 21 and 22. We’re calling it AstriCon Plan(9) to differentiate it from regular FTF AstriCon. We’ve received a bunch of inquiries about the weird name. But when we again have a regular FTF AstriCon, you can ask me how we got to that name, but let’s keep that for a FTF meeting in a real OpenSource Lounge we set up at the regular AstriCon ☺.

After much debate, we decided to structure the online event as if it were happening in real-time at a location. Day one will be workshops, and day two will be conference talks at specific times. And there will be structured Q&A with the talks, and we’ll have lounges to meet and talk to people. Like you’re at an event, but you’re not. So if you want to join, for example, three talks, you’ll know when they are, and you can join the webinar at the appropriate time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at AstriCon in October. You can register here.

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Jim Machi - Senior VP of Product Management and Marketing for Sangoma
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