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Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Sangoma
Voice Remains Important For Your Business Telephony

Voice Remains Important For Your Business

I’ve seen a few recent articles, and actually have had a few conversations lately about “voice”, basically about how voice remains important for your business, …

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Sangoma Recognized By Channel Futures as the Top M&A of 2021, for Its Acquisition of Star2Star Channel Futures

Sangoma Recognized By Channel Futures as the Top M&A of 2021, for Its Acquisition of Star2Star

About a year ago, Sangoma announced its intention to purchase Star2Star. And even though we were one of the first M&A’s in 2021, we were …

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Premise UC Platforms Continue to Do Well Cloud

Premise UC Platforms Continue to Do Well

One year ago, I wrote a blog about Panasonic exiting the PBX business. As I wrote at the time, this was more about the PBX …

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Open Source Communications Asterisk

Checking in on Open Source Communications

I haven’t written about Open Source communications in a while. I’ve been meaning to, and now it’s near the end of the year, and since …

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BYOD Mobile UCaaS Clients Mobile

Does BYOD impact UCaaS clients?

As UCaaS users take advantage of smartphone clients more and more, sometimes we get questions from prospects about whether the types of smartphones their employees …

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Contact Center Applications Call Center

What does a supervisor really need to see in a Contact Center Application?

Given Unified Communications form the essential fabric of the modern business communication system, we’re starting to see contact centers merging more and more with Unified …

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The Evolved Office Artificial Intelligence Integration AI

The Evolved Office & Artificial Intelligence Integration

As artificial intelligence enters the contact center, the business communication system can start making decisions based on context, past similar decision history, etc. One of …

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CPaaS is a Path to Applications-as-a-Service AppaaS

CPaaS is a Path to Applications-as-a-Service (AppaaS)

CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) is an excellent thing if your organization is a software developer or has developer types in your organization. But in a general …

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IoT Connectivity in an Office Environment Connectivity

IoT Connectivity in an Office Environment

IoT connectivity, as it relates to enterprise communications, is really about the convergence of Unified Communications and IoT. You might think that UC and IoT …

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The Evolved Office Mobility Collaboration

The Evolved Office & Mobility

Unified Communications (UC) has ushered in the second state of the Evolved Office, where mobility and collaboration take center stage. The mobile client enables more …

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World business users UCaaS blog header CPaaS

Sangoma is Recognized in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for UCaaS, Worldwide

Last week you may have noticed that Sangoma was positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, …

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The Evolved Office 5G

The Evolved Office

As we’ve seen over the nearly two years now, the office has evolved, and not just in a physical way. The way we communicate, using …

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DaaS User typing on a laptop, getting work done remotely daas

What kind of companies would use Desktop-as-a-Service?

What kind of companies might utilize a cloud-based virtual desktop (Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS for short)? It could be any, but they would generally fall into …

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Desktop-as-a-Service DaaS Virtual Desktop daas

The Benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Last week we explored what Desktop-as-a-Service is, and this week we’ll get into some of the benefits. As discussed in last week’s blog, security is …

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Desktop-as-a-Service DaaS Virtual Desktop daas

What is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

You may have heard of Desktop-as-a-Service, with its projections of 17% CAGR and $10B market size within a few years, and wondered, “what is this” …

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Hybrid Work Productivity with UCaaS Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work & Increased Productivity with UCaaS

Last week, I wrote a blog about the benefits of UCaaS, and I wrote about the following benefits: mobility afforded to employees, the financial aspects …

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Benefits of UCaaS and Cloud Services Cloud

Revisiting & Remembering the Benefits of UCaaS

In the past 18 months, many of us have lived one of the prime benefits of UCaaS – the mobility aspect, which is the ability …

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Sitting at airport using mobile 5G wireless with laptop 5G

Will 5G Fixed Wireless be viable to handle real-time UC?

Alright, I’m back to traveling pretty regularly, at least within the United States. And with that comes airport delays. Yep, I almost forgot about them. …

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Hand touching SD-Wan world illustration

How SD-WAN Can Help Your Business

As cloud-based communications become more of the natural fabric of business communications infrastructure, SD-WAN is becoming more important for the enterprise. And this is precisely …

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A woman working from home and talking on a deskphone Deskphone

Future of the Deskphone for Knowledge Workers

With all the remote working going on, we’ve all started using different kind of endpoints. Maybe it’s a headset now connected to your computer, using …

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Open laptop on table with AstriCon logo virtual conference event Asterisk

AstriCon 2021 Is Now Virtual

Sangoma has decided to cancel the in person AstriCon 2021 event in Orlando, Florida the last week in September and move it to be a …

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Business woman in street using a Unified Communications mobile phone Mobility

What is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications? It may seem like a simple question, but the answer is not so simple. On the surface it just means unifying …

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Man sitting at a desk video conferencing with nine other people on laptop Phone System

Why a Video-centric Business Communication System is Problematic

Let’s examine a bit more why starting with a video-centric UC platform could be problematic for your business. First of all, most video calls are …

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Woman sitting down talking on a desk phone IP Phone

The Case for UC Systems Needing Tight Integration with Physical Phones

A business communication system connects to a phone. But how tightly integrated does the phone need to be? Does it just need to make and …

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The Case for Applications Supplementing the UC System of Tomorrow

Besides a proper multi-modal communication system that handles all that voice entails, what else will be needed in tomorrow’s Unified Communication system? The system of …

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People people pointing at sheets of paper with charts and diagrams on a conference table Omdia

Sangoma Proud to Claim 5th Spot on the Omdia North American UCaaS Scorecard

In May, Omdia released their UC as a Service (UCaaS) Scorecard, ranking the top 10 UCaaS providers in North America. We are proud to say …

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A smiling man walking in to an office with a brief case strapped over his shoulder Collaboration

Unified Communications Supports Going Back to Work

Unified Communications Supports Remote and Hybrid Workforces We’re starting to see companies calling their remote workers back to work. Some have been doing it quietly, …

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Man smiling, sitting at a desk in front of laptop with mobile phone up to his ear SMS

Is a Video-centric Business Communication System the Right Way Forward?

While Internet-based communication such as social media, chat, video, chatbots and push-to-talk are gaining ground, and will continue to gain ground each year, at this …

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Trade show hall with people walking and ITEXPO sign above ITEXPO

Going to ITEXPO 2021

Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to ITEXPO, an event I’ve been to countless times before. I may have even been to every single ITEXPO that …

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Employees in a call center, using Sangoma products to communicate with customers. Customers

Connecting with Customers and Co-Workers in Today and Tomorrow’s Reality: Part 2

Why is communicating with customers and co-workers different? Let’s start with connecting with co-workers. In a work environment, we all have the same tools, so …

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Puzzle pieces scattered on a table with cut out of people holding hands standing on top Customers

Connecting with Customers and Co-Workers in Today and Tomorrow’s Reality: Part 1

In 2020, we all utilized new and potentially innovative ways to connect with co-workers and customers. And if we didn’t already use Unified Communication phone …

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Close up of man holding a mobile phone with 5 stars above the device API

Telecom APIs Move to the Next Phase – Packaged Applets

Telecom APIs in the form of CPaaS (access to telecom functions that reside in the cloud, paid for as you use them) have spurred much …

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Smiling woman with headphones sitting looking at laptop Omdia

Voice in a Video World – A Webinar with Omdia

On June 9th, Omdia will be hosting a webinar titled ”Making Sure Voice Is Heard In a Video World.” If you want to register, please …

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Empty conference room with glass walls and chairs Remote Work

Integrating Video Into our Future Business Communications

I’ve been writing a lot about video lately, because I’ve been thinking a lot about video lately. As many people get vaccinated, we’re starting to …

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Woman on phone call with headset IP Phones

The Quality of Our Calls

We’ve all been on more than our fair share of video calls the past 14 months. And we’ve probably used all the different video calling …

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View of a Mixing Board similar to what might have been used during the TalkingHeadz podcast with Bill Wignall

The Bill Wignall TalkingHeadz Podcast

In late March, once the Star2Star deal closed, Sangoma’s CEO, Bill Wignall, did a podcast with Dave Michels and Evan Kirstel. According to Dave, “You …

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A Sangoma Meet Customer Checking His Phone

You’re “Always” Starting a Call with Video, Really?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about video calling and starting calls with video. I got a few questions and comments about that, some …

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Essential worker using mobile device to alert patient that their appointment is ready. Mobility

The Role of UC in Limiting Exposure for Essential Workers

We all owe a great deal of debt to the frontline/essential workers who are not able to work from home for the past 13 months, …

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Woman Using Sangoma Video Chat Platform Sangoma Meet

Why Video Can’t Be Your Sole “Go-to” Communications Platform

I’m sure we can all agree that the year 2020 changed all of us in different ways, and for many of us it changed the …

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Two People Shaking Hands

Sangoma Completes Acquisition of Star2Star

On January 29th, Sangoma announced a definitive agreement to acquire Star2Star, a cloud-based Communications as a Service provider with a leading UCaaS offer. We’re pleased …

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Sangoma Women in Tech Blog Podcast Header

Wrapping Up Women in Tech Month Podcast Series

Throughout March, we conducted a weekly “Women in Tech” podcast with four different women in Sangoma, ranging from engineering to product management to general manager …

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Rich Tehrani Interview on Mobile Phone

Video Interview: Catching Up with Rich Tehrani

In January, I did a video interview with Rich Tehrani. Usually, we’re in Florida for the IT Expo / Tech Super Show at that time …

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Clouds connected by lines depicting Sangoma's Cloud Communications Services

Applications Enable Cloud Communications Services Customization

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog titled “Is CPaaS a channel opportunity?”. I got a few questions about CPaaS in general and why …

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lightbulb in the middle of a chalk bullseye

One Year for .e4 in Sangoma and will Star2Star Impact our Open Source focus?

It’s been a little over a year that Sangoma purchased .e4. At the time of purchase, we said, “This deal significantly strengthens Sangoma’s sales and …

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Harley - Davidson - Motor Cycles - Billboard overlooking a Harley

Appleton Harley Davidson and Switchvox

I usually don’t write too many blogs about our success stories, but I wanted to write this one since the installation occurred within the past few months, during all these trying times we are in. And a shout-out to our partner in Appleton, Wisconsin, Unitel, who played a huge role in making this happen.

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3d people icons connected CPaaS

Is CPaaS a Channel Opportunity?

I get asked every once in a while, “Is CPaaS a channel opportunity?”. It potentially can be, but CPaaS being a channel opportunity needs some …

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Frost Sullivan 2020 - Best Practices Award - displayed on a laptop

Frost & Sullivan Communications & Collaboration Competitive Strategy Leadership Award Video Q&A

As some of you may know, Sangoma recently was chosen by Frost and Sullivan as a recipient of the North American Unified Communications and Collaboration …

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Stopping Robocalls from a mobile device

Stopping Robocalls Using Analytics and How STIR/SHAKEN Gets Into the Mix

Seemingly every day, we get a robocall. In 2019 in the US, it was close to 60 Billion of them! So it’s no exaggeration if …

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5G Logo

Update on LTE and 5G Networks

Given that mobility is such an important part of the Unified Communications experience, I have periodically written about the proliferation of WiFi, and about the …

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Magician pulling VoIP cards from his sleeve

Conjuring Up JCT, CG, Diva and IMG

If you read the headline of this blog and have read this far, you likely know the meaning of these letters – they are all …

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