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Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Sangoma
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The Future of Unified Communications Ties Into the Future of Work

The benefits of Unified Communication systems have emerged front and center for businesses of all sizes. UC has enabled many businesses to keep going forward …

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330 Seat Switchvox Cloud Deal Delivers a Nice Check

Last week I had the pleasure to deliver this very nice check to Rigidnet in Fort Worth, Texas. They are a cloud reseller selling Switchvox …

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cloud policy

5 Drivers for Moving Business Communications to the Cloud  

We have all heard about ‘the cloud.’ The cloud this, the cloud that. But should you move your business communications infrastructure to the cloud?  There …

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Old News and Reasons for Keeping your System Updated

Last week there was some buzz about a security flaw in FreePBX. It started with CheckPoint, and then a few outlets picked it up. One …

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Sangoma’s TADSummit America Keynote is Tomorrow

TADSummit EMEA / Americas, an online event, started yesterday and continues this week. The Sangoma keynote will be tomorrow. It’s purposely short and to the …

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What Will It Be When We Go Back to the Office?

Last week was AstriCon Plan 9 (Virtual AstriCon), and while it was the best virtual event I’ve been part of (seriously!), yet another virtual event …

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Call Center Agent

What Will the Future Contact Center Agent Look Like?

I was recently asked the question in the title of this blog when I was briefing an analyst about Sangoma. Without really thinking about what …

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AstriCon 2020 is Next Week!

Just a reminder that next week on October 21 and 22, is AstriCon Plan (9), the virtual AstriCon. To register, please go here. We have purposely set up …

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Are Softphones or Deskphones Better?

On September 1, I wrote a blog titled “Why People Still Use Deskphones”. And I got a few questions mainly along the lines of: “Are …

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How Do You Know if it is Time to Upgrade your Phone System?

You think you might need a new phone system, but you are not sure. See if any of these 7 signs resonate with you… and …

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A Random Discussion with Five “30 and Unders” about Using the Phone While Working from Home

When I went on vacation this summer, I found myself with five 30 and under year olds for a week (The Group of Five), all …

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Offering Unified Communications as an ILEC, CLEC, or Coop Telecom

Way back in March, I wrote a blog about the need for telecom coops, ILECs (Independent Local Exchange Carriers) or small CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) …

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What Makes a Good Channel Partner Program?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time. When Sangoma merged with Digium a couple of years ago, there was a lot …

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Why People Still Use Deskphones

With this current work from home / work remote period we are now in, many of us are using softphones or headsets to do our …

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Four Going Forward Essentials of a UC System

At the end of last month, I published an article on Toolbox that highlighted the four essentials of a UC Systems.  Outside, of course, of …

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Cloud and On-Premise: Why Businesses and End Users Need their UC Vendor to Offer Both

Buying a Unified Communication business phone system can be confusing.  There are many options, many pricing models and many features.  And in many cases, what’s …

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Top 3 Lasting Benefits of a Video Call and Collaboration System

By now, most of the readers of this blog have been on countless (yes, I bet you can’t really keep track anymore!) video calls. I …

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AstriCon 2020

AstriCon typically takes place in October. And this year we had a great one planned. However, as announced two weeks ago, we have decided not …

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Call Center

The Merging of Contact Center and Unified Communications, Part 2

Business owners today are now understanding that having a basic contact center as part of their UC system enables much better customer service, and are …

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Contact Center

The Merging of Contact Center and Unified Communications, Part 1

Once upon a time there was something called a “call center.” That’s because you would make a telephone call to it. It was a central place …

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Why an SMB Needs a Unified Communications System to Grow

As I’ve written about quite a few times, the drivers for buying a UC phone system that you might typically hear are: Efficiency improvement Productivity …

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Data Traffic Trends and the (WiFi) Impact on Enterprise Communications

Around this time of the year, I usually read the Cisco Annual Internet Report to see if there is anything interesting relating to the business …

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Wholesale SIPTrunking

A Modern Approach to Wholesale SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is important for any enterprise these days – this is the connection into your building that carries phone calls to an on-premise UC …

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The Importance of Telecom Applications

TADSummit Online Asia took place a month ago.  The ‘TAD’ in TADSummit means Telecom Application Development. Seems under exciting. So what is Alan doing? And …

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Communications Systems connected through Sangoma UC, depicted with lines connecting multple computers, devices, and people.

The Emergence of the Business Communications System

What comes after a Unified Communications system?  More unification of course!  We are entering another phase in the evolution of the business phone system, where …

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Sangoma customer staying connected on both mobile device and laptop.

The Evolution of the Business Phone System into a UC Platform

Last week, I described the basic architecture of a PBX system.  But these systems have evolved into Unified Communication systems that handle more than voice …

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The Changing Face of the Business Phone System

The business phone system has evolved. If you didn’t know that before work from home, you know it now. If you have been on a …

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The Tipping Point for Unified Communications in Business

I was asked to contribute an article in FastMode about how we are responding, and helping our customers respond, to the pandemic. If you want to …

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Why are there 5G Routers and Gateways?

First of all, the question is really why would anyone need a cellular router? They could be useful as a backup mechanism in case your …

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two programmers looking at a screen in an office environment

How the Office Environment Will Continue to Change

Even before the ‘new normal’ of WFH, the office environment was changing. Collaboration was starting to take hold, and the open office concept replete with …

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A Blog about a Podcast with Sangoma’s new APAC Marketing Manager

A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast with Isha Mukherjee, Sangoma’s new APAC marketing manager. We talked about a wide range of topics, including …

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Solar panels with futuristic buildings in the background

WFH, Potential for Carbon Neutrality, and How UC Fits into All of That

One direct impact of all this social distancing, not traveling, and working from home that is stark is the reduction in carbon emissions in the …

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Working from home scene with home office in the background

WFH Month in Review at Sangoma

At Sangoma, we are already in our 6th week of WFH. Given we are a Unified Communications company, it’s been relatively smooth for us since …

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filming an interview at ITEXPO

ITEXPO Interview

As I was trying to figure out what to write about this week, I was thinking that doing business over a video calls is good, …

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Sangoma is Offering Sangoma Meet Video Conferencing Service – Early Access and Free Right Now for Anyone to Use

Unified Communications systems, as I’ve blogged about numerous times already, with their ability to offer softphones with your business number, conferencing, collaboration, presence, and mobile …

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Wi-Fi 6 and Why It’s Important

There’s a lot going on now, and for this week at least, I didn’t want to write another remote work or WFH type of blog. …

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UC is all the Rage, but Voice Minutes are Hot Again…

Unified Communications (UC), for knowledge workers, is all the rage right now. UC enables these folks to work from home relatively easily because this type …

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Carrier Services

Updating Your ILEC, CLEC, or Coop Telecom Network Infrastructure

If you are one of the multiple hundreds of telecom coops, ILECs (Independent Local Exchange Carriers), or small CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), it may …

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Remote Workers

Working from Home Now and Its Impact on the Future of Work

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how UC can positively impact the ability to work from home. In fact, it’s almost mandatory to …

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Sangoma Blog Header

What is Sangoma About?

When I go to shows where we are exhibiting, I like to work the booth when I have some free time. I like talking to …

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Working from Home, the Future of Work, and How UC Fits In

Many people today are thinking more about working from home, especially in the coming months. We’ll see how it all plays out, but it certainly …

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Putting Some Numbers Behind the Unified Communications Value Proposition

Last week, I wrote a bit about the Unified Communications value proposition and the panel I was on at IT Expo. When preparing for that …

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[ITEXPO Panel] Using Unified Communications to Convert Wasted Time to Productive Work

Last Thursday, I was on a UC panel at ITEXPO. This was an interesting panel because it was about us as employees being bombarded by …

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Sangoma Announces Definitive Agreement to Purchase .e4

Sangoma today announced we have signed definitive agreements to purchase .e4, based in Traverse City, Michigan.  .e4 is Sangoma’s leading valued added distributor focused on …

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SIP Trunking

The Difference Between Retail and Wholesale SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is growing. According to the Eastern Management Group, the global SIP trunking market was approximately valued at $14.4 billion in 2018 and projected …

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Sangoma Products’ Support for Kari’s Law / Ray Baum’s Act and How We Can Help You (and your Customers) Comply

On Feb 16, 2020, the federal version of Kari’s law goes into effect. It’s a complex but important topic, and justifies a comprehensive treatment in …

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Sangoma Dialogic Gateways and Boards

Still Selling Dialogic Boards and Gateways

I was walking through an airport towards the end of 2019 with my Sangoma backpack, and someone approached me and asked if I worked there. …

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Bringing Asterisk and APIdaze to TADHack Mini in Orlando

TADHack Mini will be in Orlando in about ten weeks, at the very end of March, the weekend before Enterprise Connect.  As per the TADHack …

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Communications Trends for 2020

People ask sometimes what’s going to happen in our industry in 2020. And I typically say “I don’t know” because I really don’t know. The …

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CPaaS and SIP Trunks

Why does it seem that CPaaS and SIP trunking goes together, like chocolate and peanut butter (or chocolate and anything!)? At first glance, these offerings …

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