Introducing Sangoma Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Sangoma Meet Virtual Backgrounds
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With remote work now a part of the norm, workers can meet from virtually anywhere. A feature-rich, reliable and secure video conferencing platform is a new necessity for businesses to continue collaborating with ease. But as with all new developments, some unanticipated results can materialize. For video meetings, this includes what’s in the background of your location.

To help with this, Sangoma Meet now offers virtual backgrounds! Here are just a few of the ways virtual backgrounds can enhance your meetings experience:

  • Working from home? Whether you’re on the couch, at the kitchen table, or in your home office, with a virtual background you can present a formal office environment, conceal your background with a blur option, or just switch up your setting for fun!
  • On the go? Pretend you’re at the beach, in the mountains, or still working from the office with a variety of options from the Sangoma Meet background library.
  • Want to personalize your background? We have an option to upload your own custom background image!
  • Just want to have a little fun? We have plenty of backgrounds for that too!

You can get started using virtual backgrounds today and elevate your Sangoma Meet experience! Reach out to your Sangoma representative today and request a video chat to learn how!

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