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High-Density Telephony Board for Digital Span Monitoring

Sangoma T116 Tapping CardThe T116 Tapping Card is part of Sangoma’s family of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications hardware product line — it uses the same high-performance PCI Express interface that is providing superior performance in critical systems all over the world.

The T116 supports the passive tapping of up to 240 voice calls using up to 16 T1, E1 or J1 spans.

With Sangoma cards, you can take advantage of hardware and software improvements, as soon as they become available. The T116, like all cards in Sangoma’s AFT family, is field upgradable with unbreakable firmware.

Choose the T116 to collect call control information, telecom protocol information and voice/media.

T116 Features

High capacity tapping

Sixteen receive-only spans with optimum PCI-Express interface enables tapping of sixteen one-way or eight two-way conversation


T1/E1 and fractional T1/E1, multiple channel HDLC per line for mixed data/TDM voice application


Supports Robbed Bit Channel Associated Signaling (CAS) and ISDN PRI

robust driver

WANPIPE® supports certified, field-tested, and reliable Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC, and X.25

highly compatible

Support for Asterisk®, and FreeSWITCH® PBX/IVR Projects, as well as other open source and proprietary PBX, Switch, IVR, or VoIP gateway applications


Optimized per channel DMA streams and hardware-level HDLC handling unload the host CPU

Tapping Card Specifications

Line Protocol

  • Voice CAS
  • MFC/R2
  • Frame Relay
  • X.25
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • SS7
  • Transparent bit-stream
  • Transparent bit-stream

Higher Level Protocols

  • IP/IPX over Frame Relay/PPP/HDLC/X.25
  • X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G)
  • BSC over X.25
  • SNA over X.25
  • IP over ATM


  • 2U Form factor: 120 mm x 55 mm for use in restricted chassis.


  • T116-E - Sangoma Line Tapping Card. T1/E1/J1 Tapping Board with 16 Receive-only ports with PCI-Express interface.

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