Your UC / UCaaS Platform Needs “Digital Channels”

Frost and Sullivan has written a white paper called “Modern Cloud Communications Empower the Hybrid Workforce”. It’s an interesting paper all around. To download the full paper, please go here. In the meantime, I picked 4 interesting parts of the paper to write a little bit about and I’ll do that in the next four blogs I write.

So, let’s get to the first topic. One concept Frost and Sullivan writes about is the impact of the pandemic on IT and what IT must do in terms of supporting employees going forward. Obviously (or maybe not so obviously depending on your point of view), a hybrid work remote / work at the office is here to stay.

How do you function as the best “team” in this kind of environment? By now, we’ve all gotten used to video meetings and collaboration messaging tools. And continuing those are important for sure. But Frost and Sullivan argues that there needs to be “more”, and integrating digital channels to deal with not only remote employees, but customers (who now have also been exposed to messaging tools) wanting to connect with you digitally is critical for success.

The paper goes into this in much more detail, but the takeaway I have from reading this is collaboration tools, and other types of “digital channels” that work both with employees and reach out to customers will be critical. Like I said above, to download the full paper, please go here.

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