Why People Still Use Deskphones

A Picture of our DeskphonesWith this current work from home / work remote period we are now in, many of us are using softphones or headsets to do our daily calls.   At Sangoma, we’re still selling deskphones, and in fact, we’ve had a lot of requests from customers about how they could take their work deskphone home (yes, it can work 😊).

So why are people still using deskphones?  It’s not a question of which is better, it’s more a question of which is better for your use case. 

For instance, a business user is used to a phone on the desk.  It’s there and easy to use.  In fact, it’s incredibly easy to use.  Just pick it up and dial it.  No fussing around with which softphone to use since there might be different ones connected to your computer.

Additionally, with a good desk-phone, especially with executive models, you get a whole array of features that enable you to personalize your phone, create shortcuts, and increase your efficiency. Generally, soft-phones have far fewer additional features.  

Another reason though is the deskphone probably has a speakerphone option.  This is a big draw for many deskphone afficionados.

The deskphone is also there and ready to go.  You walk by it, you look at it, it’s on.  You can see lights powered.  As long as you have power and your internet is running, you won’t run into any issues. With a soft-phone, there are more potential problems because the software runs on your PC. If your PC is going through one of those loooooong OS upgrades, or won’t turn on, has a virus, or is generally performing badly then receiving and making calls becomes impossible. Keeping your phone separate from your PC with a deskphone is a safer option.  If you need to dial 911, as an example, it’s ready.  With a softphone that is generally connected to a laptop, one would have to make sure the laptop is powered up and ready to go.  This might take some time.

Quality of phone calls could also be better on a deskphone.  With both SIP deskphones and SIP headsets use HD audio, a more expensive deskphone or headset usually comes with better quality of sound.  It likely just depends on the price.  

So deskphones aren’t going anywhere – at least not yet. At Sangoma we allow you to take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and have both deskphone and softphone options for our UC platforms.   Many of our customers actually use both in a typical day.

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