What Does Sangoma Actually Say about UC?

Some readers of this blog ask me from time to time what I actually say when talking to press and analysts. Well, if you’ve been a regular reader, all I’ll say is what I write here sounds pretty similar to what actually comes out of my mouth. So you can tell I actually write my own blogs!

For instance, let’s use UC as an example. I recently did a podcast with Jim Burton of BCS Strategies. For those of you who don’t know BCS Strategies, they are an essential buyer’s resource on business communication products. I’ve known them and many of their alliance of analysts and consultants for a very long time. Anyway, the point is they know this space extremely well. And if you read the transcript of the podcast, or listen to it, you’ll see I talk to them the same way I write in the blog.

You can find the podcast here. This podcast was about Sangoma and Unified Communications.   And you’ll see it covers some familiar themes from my blogs:

  • Some customers “grow up” from Open Source communications to supported Unified Communications Solutions (such as offered from Sangoma!). And this makes sense given the reasons someone started first with open source may have changed.


  • Small business customers make up a portion of our UC customer base.


  • Customers come to Sangoma because of the value we provide from a perspective of features, pricing, interoperability, support, etc.


  • We have the same code base for our on-prem and cloud solutions. This enables us to be a
    trusted advisor to our prospects because we can give them good honest advice on what is best for them. And if they choose on-prem and then later want to move to the cloud, the look and feel, interoperability, phones, etc. will be the same.


  • We are one of the few vendors in the UC space that sells a complete solution stack– that is, we sell UC solutions, but also we have our own phones, SBCs, gateways and SIP trunking to support and complement the UC solution.

So, hopefully, no surprises. And hopefully you either read or listened to the podcast since there may have been a good nugget or two.

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