What does a supervisor really need to see in a Contact Center Application?

Contact Center Applications IllustrationGiven Unified Communications form the essential fabric of the modern business communication system, we’re starting to see contact centers merging more and more with Unified Communications. In fact, we’re seeing UC systems embracing contact center technology. Sangoma is no exception, and we’ve had more customers using our contact center and contact center features that are part of our UC systems.

That’s great! In practice, it also means that we’re seeing customers and admins that maybe were not using advanced contact centers before being exposed to them now. We’re getting some questions about if I’m managing a contact center or are a supervisor, what features are really important in a contact center solution?

Let me review a few. First, as a supervisor, you want to see real-time monitoring of what’s going on – how the agents are performing, is there a long call going on, what is the average wait time, what is the average call time, are the call center SLAs being met, how many agents are on breaks and for how long, etc. And if there is that long call going on, can you listen to see what the problem is, or can you whisper to the agent to help them somehow?

You also want to create different queues, assign/de-assign agents to the proper queues, and see how the other queues are performing. You might need to do some balancing.

Reports are also going to be important so you can improve performance and efficiency. After all, there will be a lot of data generated, so what are you going to do with it? You need to understand what data is important for your situation and make sure the reports generated can be flexible, working for you.

Sangoma provides contact center technology that is integrated well with our underlying UC systems.

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