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NetBorder SS7 Service Provider Gateways

Sangoma SS7 High Density 64 GatewayAlthough the telecommunications industry is rapidly adopting the Internet Protocol to provide Voice over IP (VoIP) services, the legacy PSTN SS7 network (using T1/E1 telco lines) is still prevalent for world-wide communication. 

As such there is a growing need for equipment that can seamlessly bridge legacy PSTN and VoIP services, while offering a variety of protocol support.

The NetBorder SS7 VoIP Media Gateway is Sangoma’s high density SS7 to VoIP (or SIP) solution to seamlessly interconnect next generation VoIP and the legacy SS7 networks. Supporting concurrent use of ISDN, SS7 CAS (R2), SIP, and SIGTRAN signaling protocols, NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateways connect traditional SS7 edge, core, and peer zones with new-generation, MEGACO, and SIP networks along with transcoding capabilities.

The Netborder SS7 Service Provider gateway is available in:

Gateway Applications

Mobile Based Services Icon

Mobile Based

Provide SMS, MMS, and location base services (through HLR) by interconnecting directly into the mobile network which uses SS7 signaling.

High Density Call Completion Icon

High Density Call Completion

Provide competitive long distance and large scale using cost-effective NetBorder SS7 gateways with signaling and media combined in a single platform.

SIP Network to SS7 Interconnect Icon

SIP Network to SS7 Interconnect

Provide high-value VoIP services to your customers.

Caller Ring Back Tone Icon

Caller Ring Back Tone Solution

Carriers can provide Caller Ring Back Tone to their customers as an additional service.

Gateway Features

Multiple Protocol Support Icon
Multiple Protocol Support

All gateways support concurrent use of ISDN, SS7 CAS (R2), SIP, and SIGTRAN signaling protocols.

Bundled Solution Icon
Bundled Solution

Signaling and media gateway controllers are bundled together, which is ideal for reducing footprint and need to source components from multiple vendors.

Build in Transcoding Icon
Built-In Transcoding

All gateways support transcoding of G.711, G.723.1, G.726, iLBC, G.729AB, GSM, G.722, AMR, and G.722.1.

Advanced Call Routing Icon
Advanced Call Routing

Configurable and extendable XML-based dial plan and routing rules.

Advanced Web GUI Icon
Advanced GUI

Browser-based GUI used for configuration, control and monitoring of SS7 links and network connections and load. Easy to use dial plan routing for basic and advanced call routing configurations. System logs and reports are also available directly from the GUI.

Software Options Icon
Software Options

For integration within existing data center infrastructures, NSG is also offered in a software platform version which contains the same feature- rich capabilities as our scalable appliances and compatible in all commercially available servers and Linux distributions.

Interoperability Icon
Scalable and Flexible

NSG is future proof with field upgradable licensing for up to 64 T1/E1s or 1920 simultaneous calls in a 1 U platform and flexible with routing between any PRI, SS7 and/or SIP interconnection using its advanced XML routing engine.

Simplified Deployment Icon
Simplified Licensing

All NSG appliances are field upgradable and licensing is per channel, which means all the features are always included – No sticker shock. Predictable NSG capacity and cost in every use case.

Scalable Icon
Proven Interoperability with Global Installations

NSG has been deployed globally, which can attest to its highly successful interoperability and integration with SS7 and VoIP carriers. On-board transcoding capabilities ensure interoperability with any open-source or proprietary PBX. So you never have to worry about new deployments wherever they may be.

Diagnostic Tools Icon
Diagnostic Tools

Browser based dashboard featuring time based graphing, system and session error reporting and email notifications upon faults. Onboard PCAP training tool capturing signaling and media, eliminating the need for extra port mirrors or hubs. The Hardware Crash protection feature reboots the system on lockup or hardware fault.

Gateway Specifications

VoIP Protocols

PSTN Protocols


Codec Support

Network Interfaces

PSTN Interfaces

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