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IMG 1010 Media Gateways

The Sangoma IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway is a carrier-grade VoIP gateway that supports both media and signaling in a single chassis. It allows service providers to add new telephony services quickly and gives them a clear migration path to an all-IP network.

It provides any-to-any voice network connectivity and can deliver SIP services into legacy PRI, CAS, and SS7 networks, as well as IP-to-IP transcoding and multimedia border element functions, such as SIP mediation for network edge applications. Its compact 1U high-density design, integrated SS7 termination across multiple gateways, GUI-based management, and software licensing for in-service capacity expansion make the Sangoma IMG 1010 an excellent option for VoIP.

The IMG 1010 media VoIP gateway is available in:

  • 768 TDM channels per 1U shelf (scalable from 3 E1/ 4 T1 to 24 E1 / 32 T1) 96 - 1024 VoIP channels per 1U shelf

Gateway Applications

Mobile Based Services

Provide SMS, MMS, and location based services (through HLR) by interconnecting directly into the mobile network, which uses SS7 signaling.

Caller Ring Back Tone Solution

Carriers can provide Caller Ring Back Tone to their customers as an additional service.

SIP Network to SS7 Interconnect

Provide high-value VoIP services to your customers. Enables fast connection time and lower phone charges.

High Density Call Completion

Provide long distance and large scale using NetBorder SS7 gateways with signaling and media combined in a single platform.

Gateway Features

Multi-Protocol Support

Simultaneous support for PRI, CAS, and SS7 signaling, along with SIP and H.323.

Integrated Media Gateway

SS7 signaling, call routing, call translation, and IP transcoding supported in a single chassis.


Supports multimedia border element capabilities, including SIP mediation, topology hiding, and media transcoding.

High Density

Supports up to 1024 channels in a 1U chassis.

Clear Migration Path to all IP network

Wireline and wireless support, including ENUM and DNS.

Separate Network Operation

NEBS 3 carrier-grade design using independent network interfaces to separate transport, signaling, and IAM&P.

Load Balancing

Works with load balances.

Gateway Specifications

I/O Interfaces

  • Telephony: T1 and E1, or DS3
  • IP: 4 - Fast Ethernet for control and signaling, 2 - Gigabit Ethernet for VoIP payload
  • T1/E1s for timing (BITS clock) and signaling Loop timing via any telephony port

TDM Signaling Protocols

  • ISDN PRI (FAS and NFAS): NI2, Euro ISDN, DMS 250, 5ESS, JATE/Japan INS-NET1500
  • T1/E1 CAS (FGB, FGD and MFR2)
  • Q.699 ISDN to SS7 mapping
  • ISDN UUI mapping to SIP and H.323
  • SS7/C7 ISUP: ITU, ETSI and ANSI variants supported through the Dialogic® Programmable Protocol Language (PPL)
  • ISUP interconnect with carriers in UK, France, Germany and New Zealand
  • SS7 TCAP for message-waiting-indication (MWI) and Caller Name (CNAM) service
  • 64 SS7 links in standalone configuration and 128 SS7 links in redundant configuration (A-links and F-Links supported)
  • E1 to DS3 mapping (for third-party STM-1 multiplexor compatibility)
  • ISDN call transfer and bridging via Explicit Call Transfer, Two B Channel Transfer, and Release Link Trunking (initiated via SIP REFER)
  • Delayed ANM for ISUP (triggered by third-party SIP call transfers)

IP Protocols

  • H.323 H.323 v2 H.323 Keep Alive


  • IMG 1010 Starter 96 Port Bundle – DC (PRI/VoIP) - Starter bundle for PRI/VoIP DC powered gateway
  • IMG 1010 Starter 96 Port Bundle – AC (PRI/VoIP) - Starter bundle for PRI/VoIP AC powered gateway
  • IMG 1010 Starter 96 Port Bundle – DC (SS7/PRI/VoIP) - Starter bundle for SS7/PRI/VoIP DC powered gateway
  • IMG 1010 Starter 96 Port Bundle – AC (SS7/PRI/VoIP) - Starter bundle for SS7/PRI/VoIP AC powered gateway
  • IMG 1010 1024 Port Transcoding Bundle – DC - IMG 1010 1024 Port Transcoding Bundle (512 sessions) – DC power
  • IMG 1010 1024 Port Transcoding Bundle – AC - IMG 1010 1024 Port Transcoding Bundle (512 sessions) – AC power

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