UCaaS & the Concept of “One-stop-shopping” for Other Required Communications Services

Over the summer, I’ve written a few blogs about the Frost and Sullivan whitepaper called “Modern Cloud Communications Empower the Hybrid Workforce”. This will be my final blog about it. One other part of that whitepaper talked about Unified Communications and then about other communication services beyond just UC.

Organizations adopting unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) show strong preference for one-stop shopping. They choose to purchase an array of correlated services from their cloud private branch exchange (PBX) provider:

  • 91% integrated meetings and messaging
  • 88% cybersecurity solutions
  • 88% device as a service
  • 85% SIP trunking
  • 84% MPLS
  • 82% SD-WAN
  • 78% integrated contact center
  • 42% calling plans

This is really interesting since this has been Sangoma’s strategy for a long time!


We have everything Frost and Sullivan writes about in our chart above. The three to the right on the chart (managed SD-WAN, managed network connectivity, and managed security) were obtained via our acquisition of NetFortris in March of this year.

And that’s how I’ll end this blog series. Frost and Sullivan validating our strategy. 😊

To download the full Frost and Sullivan whitepaper to learn more about this, please go here.

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