Switchvox Getting Started

Getting Started with Switchvox

Switchvox can help you be more productive and allow you to communicate in ways that you never could before. The Switchvox Basics video series gives you an overview of how to use your new desk phone, soft phone, Switchboard and user portal.

This training is ideal for:
Anyone who wants a basic overview of how to use their Switchvox business phone system.

Course Format

Switchvox Basics is an online, self-paced, video course which features a series of 11 short, 2-11 minute tutorial videos. The the full library contains 45 minutes of content. This course is modular and divided by topics, so students can view all of the videos or simply brush up on the topics that are relevant to them.

Switchvox Wallboard, Mobile phone, and IP Phone

User Overview Part 1

An introduction to the most used features of Switchvox.

User Overview Part 2

Dive deeper into the advanced features of the Switchvox software.

Switchboard Basics

Discover the features of your Switchboard such as desktop call control and company communication overviews.


Learn about the five methods to access your own voicemail messages in Switchvox.


Take your work with you when you leave your desk by enabling Switchvox Softphone features for iOS and Android.

Call Rules

Set up call rules that will tell Switchvox where to find you and what to do if it can’t.


The status feature allows users to let others in the company know what is going on with them at any given time.


A step-by-step guide on how to set up a conference room and access a call from your Switchvox User Portal.


These tools will gather data to help managers and users track call performance and information.

Call Training

Use Switchvox features to assist in the training of employees to ensure proper customer service is provided.


This episode discusses how Switchvox can improve the collaboration of teams regardless of an individual’s location.
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