Digital Telephony Cards

B43X Series Digital Cards

The B43X series are Sangoma’s line of BRI telephony cards designed for Asterisk, FreePBX and PBXact phone systems for the European (UK) region. Make up to 8 crystal clear BRI calls on a single interface. All BRI cards support software-selectable digital telephony interfaces for either NT or TE mode without requiring jumpers. ]

Sangoma’s BRI cards are available in PCI and PCI-Express form factors. All models include on-board echo cancellation to give your calls crystal clear sound quality without the need for additional boards, modules, or backplane connectors.

Digital Card Applications


Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway to allow IP-PBX to route calls to traditional PSTN.


Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway with your  legacy analog based PBXs to replace expensive analog line connections with SIP trunking to allow reduced call costs, reduced line rental, and bring extra flexibility and disaster recovery.

Digital Card Features



B43X/B410: 4-port/8 voice channels over 4-wire S/T interface.


Software configurable NT and TE modes (jumper-less).


Supports PCI and PCI-Express form factors
Half-length, low-profile.

Hardware Echo Cancellation

Onboard DSP-based echo cancellation for superior voice clarity.

Digital Card Specifications

Digital Card Specifications

  • Interfaces: 4 span 4-wire S/T interface


  • 2U form factor
  • 127mm x 81mm for use in restricted chassis

PCI Interface

  • PCI or PCI Express
  • Fully PCI 2.2 compliant, and X1 PCI express
  • Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses
  • Single synchronous PCI interface for all ports
  • 32 bit bus

DSP Echo Canceller

  • G.168-2002 echo cancellation in the hardware
  • 1024 taps/128 ms tail per channel on all channel densities
  • DTMF decoding and tone recognition
  • Voice quality enhancement: music protection, acoustic echo control and adaptive noise reduction
  • No CPU load as a result of echo cancellation
  • Does not increase the physical size of the card, and no additional slot is required


  • 1B433LF - Four (4) span digital EuroISDN BRI PCI-Express card
  • 1B434LF - Four (4) span digital EuroISDN BRI PCI card
  • 1B410PF - Four (4) span digital EuroISDN BRI PCI card

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