Dialogic Boards

Digital Network Interface board
in mid-size AMC form factor for T1/E1 environments

Dialogic DNI (Digital Network Interface) Boards provide a native PSTN interface to Dialogic PowerMedia Host Media Processing (HMP) Software. DNI Boards enable efficient VoIP gateway functionality to be built into PowerMedia HMP telephony applications. They also break the traditional DSP-based media span paradigm by providing a digital network interface ready for use with virtually any configuration of host-based media resources, which complement the base gateway capability.

DNI Board Features

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Host-based voice, speech, conference, fax, and IP transcoding are accessible from the PSTN interface and can be configured in a wide range of densities, scalable in individual port increments.

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Reduces the total cost of ownership by increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and simplifying the purchasing process and test effort.

Transmit and Receive Icon
software selectable

Software-selectable trunks to configure the board to be either T-1 or E-1.

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Digital Network Interface (DNI) to DialogicĀ® Host Media Processing Software Release 4.1 for Linux.

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mix protocols

Provides the ability to mix select protocols on each span.

DNI Board Documentation


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