Analog Telephony Cards

2400 Series Telephony Cards

The Sangoma 2400 series analog telephony card is our high density card supporting from four (4) to 24 ports for Asterisk, FreePBX and PBXact phone systems. That’s up to 24 PSTN calls all on a single PCI or PCI Express slot.  The modular nature of the cards allows you to mix and match between FXO and FXS interfaces, giving you the exact port configuration you need. The 2400 series telephony card provides from 4 to 24  analog ports using quad channel interface modules. With hardware echo cancellation options, compatibility with most commercial grade servers and Linux operating systems and with a lifetime warranty, customers trust in Sangoma to deliver value based telephony solutions.

Which type of module do I use?

  • FXS Ports are used to connect analog telephones and fax machines. They are also used to connect to the FXO ports of an analog phone system. They provide ring voltage to FXO devices.

FXS modules for 2400 cards
Each module supports up to four (4) FXS channels, and up to four (4) analog device such as an analog phone or tradition fax machine.​

  • FXO ports are used to connect directly to PSTN telco / provider lines. They are used to connect your analog phone system to the PSTN. They receive ring voltage from FXS devices.

FXO modules for 2400 card
Each module supports up to four (4) FXO channel, and one (1) PSTN trunk lines.​

Gateway Applications


Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway with your legacy analog based PBXs to replace expensive analog line connections with SIP trunking to allow reduced call costs, reduced line rental, and bring extra flexibility and disaster recovery.

SIP Trunking

Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway to allow IP-PBX to route calls to traditional PSTN.

Fax and Legacy Gateway

Use our Sangoma cards in your choice of hardware to connect legacy analog equipment like fax machines, door-bells or analog phones to your IP-based network.

Call Forwarding

Monitor and record telephone conversations for lawful call interception. Use your choice of software, including Sangoma’s own TDM SDK dedicated for call tapping.

Analog Card Features

Compatible with most motherboards and servers

All Vega Gateways support the standard VoIP/SIP protocol and have built-in transcoding so you can trust that your phone calls and faxes will work even in challenging environments. Vega Gateways also allow for custom configuration for the custom deployments.

Supported with Asterisk, FreePBX and PBXact phone systems

In the event of a VoIP failure, the Vega Gateway will allow internal extensions to continue calling each other and automatically route to a failover PSTN connection if available.

Optional Hardware echo cancellation

Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing.

Onboard diagnostic and debugging toolkit

Firmware updates can be performed remotely through WebGUI.


5 year warranty

Analog Card Specifications

Analog Card Specifications

  • Interfaces: 4-24 ports of FXO/FXS (Scalable)

Telephony Interface

  • 50 pin RJ-21
  • All ports can be FXS or FXO using quad-channel modules
  • Cables included:
    Color-coded telephone cable that is ready for hardwiring into a punch block at the PSTN connection

PCI Interfaces

  • PCI or PCI Express
  • Fully PCI 2.2 compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards, and shares PCI interrupts
  • Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses and X1 PCI Express 32 bit 33Mhz

DSP Echo Canceller

  • G.168-2002 echo cancellation in the hardware
  • 1024 taps/128 ms tail per channel on all channel densities
  • DTMF decoding and tone recognition
  • Voice quality enhancement: music protection, acoustic echo control and adaptive noise reduction
  • No CPU load as a result of echo cancellation
  • Does not increase the physical size of the card, and no additional slot is required


  • 2U form factor
  • 311.9mm x 106.7mm for use in restricted chassis

Power Supply

  • PCI or PCI Express


  • 1TDM2400PLF - 24 port modular analog PCI 3.3/5.0V card, no interfaces
  • 1TDM2400ELF - 24 port modular analog PCI 3.3/5.0V card, no interfaces and HW Echo Can
  • 1AEX2400LF - 24 port modular analog PCI-Express x1 card, no interfaces
  • 1X400MF - Quad Channel Trunk (FXO) Module
  • 1S400MF Quad Channel Station (FXS) Module

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