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Woman sitting down using an IP deskphone in an office

Sangoma Launches Value-based IP Phones

Many companies are upgrading their communication equipment to improve productivity and make offices more attractive to workers who are returning to desks. Finding the right

Woman on phone call with headset
IP Phones

The Quality of Our Calls

We’ve all been on more than our fair share of video calls the past 14 months. And we’ve probably used all the different video calling

IP Phones for Business Image
IP Phones

Advantages of IP Phones for Business

The process of choosing a new phone system is broad, with many steps involved. Naturally, some parts of the process seem to be less important

open office space with staircase
IP Phones

The Future of Office Space

I’m hearing more and more that the “future” office is really a shared communication workspace, shared with other workers from different companies, etc. Maybe that

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