11 Reasons System Administrators Love Switchvox

When a system administrator is tasked with upgrading a business phone system, there are several boxes to check when comparing solutions. Employees care about features and integrations, managers care about cost control, and SysAdmins care about simplicity and flexibility on top of everything else.

The Switchvox Unified Communications(UC) solution is the preferred choice of SysAdmins across the country because it satisfies the needs of every role in an organization. The all-inclusive feature set is extensive, the system is affordable and offered in both a hosted and on-premise deployment, and, above all else, it’s renowned for its simple, intuitive interface.

Here are eleven reasons why system administrators love Switchvox:

  • The Switchvox GUI uses simple drop-down menus and quick links to efficiently maneuver through the system, eliminating complex scripting and coding.
  • The in-line help menus offer easy access to information such as next steps and terminology definitions. Access to these menus saves time for both employees and IT staff as most answers can be found without inquiring a third party.
  • With permissions, IT has complete control over who has access to what features and menus. These permissions can be updated at any time via web browser.
  • Administrative tools like IVR, call rules, and network administration are easy to configure and deliver powerful results.  Admins can set up least cost call routing, advanced automation through the interactive voice response (IVR) system, call recording, music on hold, and more.
  • IT staff members can deliver useful integrations with other business tools like CRM, ERP and more.
  • The Extend API lets IT build integrations with Switchvox using common programming languages such as PERL and PHP.
  • JAVA API for IP Phones allows IT to write their own applications for handsets. Notifications from other systems are delivered right to employees’ desk phones.
  • D-Series IP phones provisionwith Switchvox both through the GUI and directly on the phone in under 60 seconds.
  • The Switchvox Softphone (available on desktop, iOS, and Android) gives IT complete call control from their mobile device, giving them the ability to be everywhere at once. IT staff can make and receive calls, record, transfer, conference, and more- from anywhere.
  • With Find Me, Follow Me call rules, admins can set up call rules for incoming calls to ring on certain devices in a certain order to ensure a call gets through to them. (And if it’s after hours, voicemail to emailfunctionality makes it easy to get up to speed quickly.)
  • Admins can create reports on system status, phone status, disc usage, and many other vital statistics through the Switchvox reporting tools.


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