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Simple Phone Co. Increases Sales and Efficiency with Fulfillment by VoIP Supply, a Sangoma Company

Simple Phone Co. Increases Sales and Efficiency with Fulfillment by VoIP Supply, a Sangoma Company

The Customer

Simple Phone Co. is a cloud-based phone service provider for business and teams based in California. What started as tiny IT consulting project in 2009 is now a growing start-up making a splash in the vast ocean of voice. Their mission is to build incredible experiences that take the hassle out of managing phone solutions, and just this month launched their unique Provide white-label solution for wholesale and providers.

Business Challenges

As Simple Phone Co. expands their personalized support and intuitive solutions, they realized they had lost critical time in managing fulfillment and inventories – which distracted them from their core experience focuses. At that point, Simple Phone Company started looking for a professional fulfillment team who shares the same attention to detail and efficiency on product fulfillment, to meet their fast growing needs.

Referred by their Managed Network development partner, Simple Phone Company consulted and partnered with VoIP Supply to discuss their growth and how VoIP Supply could assist them with their Fulfillment needs.

When asked about the reason they chose VoIP Supply, Chris Meadows, Founder and CEO of Simple Phone Company, said “Relationship is the basis of any work with a partner or vendor we do business with. With every phone and box shipped and delivered with VoIP Supply, our customers receive the experience only possible between two partners who value it so critically. Every phone delivers on time, with quick fulfillment upon order, in clean boxes, and perfectly placed collateral…When was the last time you received a clean package, and delivered with straight labels?”

The Solution From Sangoma

Since partnering with Fulfillment by VoIP Supply, Simple Phone Company has enjoyed the quick delivery service and worry-free inventory management. They benefit from the wide array of hardware resources that enables Simple Phone Company to ship phones in every make and model, in customized colors, with their own logo, and personalized collateral. And, most important of all, now they finally have more time to focus on their core business development and continuing to develop more great experiences.

The Results

They have not only seen an increase in sales and customer satisfaction but they were also able to bring their unique fulfillment experience to their exciting new wholesale solutions by allowing white-label users to tap into the same great resources.

“As a critical partner, VoIP Supply has enabled us to better master the tangible parts of our experience, while allowing our teams to deliver great hardware and work like our users – around the world and in any time zone.” – Chris Meadows, Founder and CEO of Simple Phone Co.

Simple Phone Company plans to expand their deliverable resources with Fulfillment by VoIP Supply in 2017 to meet their business growth needs.

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