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Sangoma Delivers Convenient, Affordable Alternative to Traditional Access Control Solutions

Sangoma Delivers Convenient, Affordable Alternative to Traditional Access Control Solutions

The Customer

You may wonder why the leading provider of feature-rich, affordable business communications technology would devote the time and genius of a world-class team of engineers to solve a rather mundane problem: controlling door access to an office or business both conveniently and affordably.

The answer is simple. Sangoma is committed to disruption that benefits all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Business access control has long been overdue for disruption. Complicated to administer, difficult and expensive to install, door access control has traditionally relied on extensive wiring and under-developed software. Not to mention the headaches of maintaining a separate database and users complaining of lost key cards and fobs, as much an inconvenience as a security risk.

Business Challenges

Asterisk and FreePBX, now the most widely used open source communications technology in the world, revolutionized the telecom space by redefining what’s possible for the industry and paving the way for Switchvox and PBXact, offering enterprise functionality at a price SMBs can afford.

In just the same way, Sangoma realized that the flexibility only possible with UC platforms like Switchvox and PBXact creates possibilities for whole office integration.

Sangoma SmartOffice Access offers an affordable alternative to traditional door access control solutions. In addition to flexible deployment options that accommodate different situations and needs, SmartOffice Access provides a solution that users and system administrators love.

Using an organization’s existing PBX user directory, users gain access almost instantly with a streamlined email onboarding process and convenient mobile app for iOS and Android. Not only does this dramatically simplify the work of system admins, it represents a much more secure solution, protected by device biometric security features like TouchID and FaceID.

The Solution From Sangoma

Every product and service offered by Sangoma undergoes a rigorous testing process before being offered to customers. SmartOffice Access is no exception. But, as you would imagine, the process of testing an access control solution looks quite a bit different than testing phone systems and connectivity products.

To ensure SmartOffice Access is ready for market, the team at Sangoma deployed a full installation at the two largest Sangoma headquarters: Markham, Ontario, and Huntsville, Alabama. Not only did this allow the development team to ensure the SmartOffice Access software works how it should in a number of circumstances, it also allowed them to hear feedback from actual employees using the SmartOffice mobile app to access their offices every day.

Installation of SmartOffice Access was easy. Using SmartOffice Access software licenses available in the convenient Sangoma Portal Store, a single SmartOffice Manager was installed in each location. SmartOffice Access gateways use the latest IoT technology to seamlessly network all the wireless door access components. The SmartOffice MagStrike Controller allows SmartOffice to wirelessly control the existing magnetic locks and door strikes, and a number of wireless door kits were used to facilitate the installation of more access points.

Not only was installation easy, it was fast. The genius of the SmartOffice Access design is the included Cloud Service that streamlines secure connection between SmartOffice components and the authentication of users across your network. That means SmartOffice is more or less “plug and play” and does most of the heavy “back-end” type of work. This was appreciated by Sangoma’s IT teams who needed less than four hours to deploy each SmartOffice system, from start to finish.

The Results

Sangoma’s system administrators love the fact that they do not have to manually authenticate users. From the SmartOffice Manager, system admins simply enable users from the PBX user directory and the SmartOffice Access Cloud Service completes the job via an automatic email that provides instant login on the mobile app for end users.

John Speck, Facilities Manager at Sangoma’s Huntsville HQ, is pleased that he no longer has to worry about employees losing access to their office because of a lost or worn out key card, not to mention the security risk each lost card represented.

And employees loved the fact that SmartOffice Access allows teams that have been using existing access control systems for years to gradually migrate, giving plenty of time to get used to using their smartphones for door access while still being able to use their key card as a backup.

The team in charge of security at Sangoma facilities have found SmartOffice Access a great help because it allows automatic notifications when an area is accessed and by whom. In addition, the SmartOffice Access Cloud Service maintains a log of access attempts from both physical access via key cards or fobs and access requested from a user’s app.

Several months of testing so far has proven the value of SmartOffice with no enabled users losing access and no disabled users or trespassers gaining access to Sangoma facilities. Plus, Sangoma’s world-class IT team did not gain a single gray hair through the whole experience!

And now, SmartOffice is ready for your business. Get ready to be surprised by how easy and affordable it is to enjoy cutting-edge wireless door access control at your very own place of business.

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