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LAMP Modernizes with Switchvox Cloud Services

LAMP Modernizes with Switchvox Cloud Services

St. Louis-based Linguistics Services Provider Saves Money with VoIP and Unified Communications in the Cloud

The Customer

Language Access Multicultural People (LAMP) started in Missouri as part of a statewide mission to offer free linguistic services to people who can’t communicate with their legal or medical providers. The goal of the services is to help immigrants, refugees, and individuals with cultural or physical health barriers to communicate.

Business Challenges

LAMP had a tedious and time-consuming way of doing business and communicating with its customers.

Here’s what a typical phone call looked like for them:
First, a call would come in from a hospital or medical clinic with a Spanish-speaking patient requiring medical and insurance information to be conveyed in their native language.
That customer would be put on hold while the attendant went down the list, using their only other analog phone line, to call Spanish interpreters until they found one available. It took numerous calls up and down the list to find someone who was immediately accessible— all while the hospital representative waited on hold.
LAMP would then pass along the phone number of their translator to the hospital representative. A conference call would then have to be set up between the two parties (which also took quite a while).

Their process was very unproductive, and it resulted in a significant amount of time (and therefore money) being wasted.

Unable to grow at the rate of demand because their outdated telephones were limiting them in both time and efficiency, LAMP approached PhoneWire, a business communications provider and Switchvox reseller in nearby Fairview Heights, Illinois.

“We had reached a point of high volume where we didn’t have enough interpreters to cover the assignments we had coming in,” says Beatriz Nunez Hernandez, LAMP Community Outreach and Marketing Coordinator.

“We needed to expand, but we were hesitant to do so because of the inefficiency of our phone and communications service. What we needed was complex and we did not know how to accomplish it in-house. We called PhoneWire, and [they] came and presented a plan for creating and customizing a Switchvox Cloud system to perfectly meet our unique needs.”

PhoneWire helps small to medium-sized businesses find an affordable telephony solution, but they are especially known for their methodical and creative approach to every client’s project. Because LAMP was moving from a very antiquated analog set-up with no IT technical staff onsite, [PhoneWire] was certain a Switchvox Cloud System was the only phone system that could accommodate LAMP’s rather sophisticated and complex needs.

“I sat down with Beatriz and her team, and when they explained to me how their current process worked, I knew I could automate it. I also knew Switchvox would be the best solution because of their unlimited call queues and customizable scripts,” says PhoneWire president and CEO, Matt Rygelski.

Hernandez says, “We didn’t have a budget for a new system and it took us a while to get out of our traditional phone contract; but after Matt and I discussed with our director all the tools and features we would gain from Switchvox, we were all in agreement this was the direction we needed to go.”

The Solution From Sangoma

PhoneWire used Switchvox’s flexibility to build call queues for each of LAMP’s clients and their multiple locations, as well as for all of their interpreters. Queues were also implemented for tech support in any language LAMP offers and for individual callers seeking help in every language.

Every hospital, doctor’s office, law firm, or government services organization providing linguistic services to its clients now benefits from having its own call queue. In total, LAMP has 180 call queues, and it is still growing.

“When we started [working with them] over a year ago, LAMP had about seventy employees,” says Rygelski. “They had twenty in the office and about fifty on-call field interpreters.

“Some of them could handle two or three languages, but since implementing their new Switchvox Cloud system, they have grown to over two hundred interpreters, five hundred clients, and now provide over one hundred languages.”

He says, at last count, LAMP is receiving an average of 10,000 calls a month. “LAMP is the perfect example of a company that couldn’t grow because of the limitations of their telephone system, and there are many small businesses like them out there.”

The Results

“Now capable of reaching out to more organizations that need reliable and efficient linguistic connectivity, LAMP is planning to expand out of state and into other markets like Chicago and Springfield, Illinois,” says Rygelski.

“They may be adding as many as 100 more queues, and Switchvox is the only business communications solution with that much flexibility to grow exponentially without adding any more costs than licensing,” says Rygelski.

In addition to the market expansion opportunity available with increased outreach capabilities in Switchvox, Hernandez and Rygelski look forward to one more area of potential growth.
“LAMP has just barely begun exploring the video aspects of the Switchvox product offering,” Rygelski says. “The legal industry uses video frequently, and highly visual interpreting like American Sign Language for the deaf community will greatly benefit from more video service capabilities.

“Switchvox is at the forefront of video conferencing technology. They have expectations that within a couple of years, LAMP will be able to use their tablets, laptops, and smart devices to communicate with their interpreters using video. PhoneWire looks forward to that great partnership.”

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