Everything You Need to Know About the SSL
Certificate Solution

You may be seeing this error if your software has not been updated to one of the latest versions, or applied patches to older versions. Solutions to the issue are outlined in more detail below.

The D-Series phones and the Switchvox Mobile App have an upcoming expiration (May 28th, 2021) on the SSL certificate when connected to certain versions of Asterisk, FreePBX, PBXact, and Switchvox. Sangoma has developed quick to implement and future proof solutions below.
These fixes will require administrator action before May 28th, 2021.

Switchvox Options

If you’re on Switchvox version 5.12, 6.8, 7.​6.​2 or later, then you already have the fix. No action is required.

1. Move to Switchvox Cloud at a great new rate. Click here to learn more!
2. Want to stay on-premise? Click here to learn how to upgrade your Switchvox version, take advantage of discounts.
3. Apply the SSL patch to an existing system. Click here to learn more.

Options for Asterisk, FreePBX, PBXact

1. PBXact: Sangoma has a new version of DPMA available for you. Learn more here.​
2. FreePBX: Sangoma has new versions of DPMA for older versions of FreePBX as well as RPMs available. Learn more here.​
3. Asterisk Users: Click here to use the DPMA Download Selector to find correct version and download it.

If you are a current Switchvox customer, go here to see what version you are running.

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