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Welcome to the Future of Retail Technology

Your Full Suite of Retail Solutions is All in the Bag with Sangoma

A seamless workflow is the key to increasing sales in any successful retail store. Sangoma can provide you with robust communication, advanced applications, and networking solutions customized for the retail sector. With Sangoma’s retail solutions, you can provide exceptional experiences for both your staff and shoppers alike.

Businesses Who Benefit from Sangoma’s SD-WAN

Mom & Pop Shops
Get reliable and scalable technology services that enhance customer interactions with cost-effective and user-friendly communication solutions.
Distributed Retail Shops
Access scalable and reliable communication solutions for distributed retail shops to efficiently connect and manage multiple locations.
Big Box Chains
Take advantage of Sangoma's scalable, integrated, and cost-effective systems that improve operational efficiency, communication across multiple locations, and customer experiences
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The Sangoma Benefit

Simplifying Complexity for Retail

Sangoma simplifies retail operations with a user-friendly platform that consolidates all business needs. Benefit from flexible deployment options and innovative features for unparalleled customer experiences.

Simplifying Complexity for Retail

Unlock Enhanced Functionality

Sangoma offers advanced features to optimize store operations and improve retail communication. Our Contact Center solutions enhance agent performance and customer interactions. With Find Me / Follow Me call forwarding, you can ensure that important calls are never missed, even on mobile devices.

Unlock Enhanced Functionality

Scale Up with Confidence

From cozy mom-and-pop shops to expansive retail chains, Sangoma’s solutions are engineered for scalability. Our flexible system ensures seamless support during peak periods without significant cost increases. As your business grows, our solution adapts to your evolving needs with dedicated concierge support.

Scale Up with Confidence

Seamless Solutions by Sangoma Technologies

Unified Communications

Sangoma's communication solutions unite voice, video, messaging, and collaboration on one platform, keeping your team connected whether in-store or remote. Enhance customer service and maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

Contact Center Solutions

Sangoma's contact center solutions offer outstanding customer support. Simplify interactions through various channels, enhance response times, and personalize experiences with smart call routing and analytics.

Custom Applications

Sangoma Apps improve customer interactions and integrate with business processes. Curbside streamlines online orders and pickups. Connector integrates UC with CRM for click-to-call and call tracking. Send delivers rapid email and SMS broadcasting with tracking and insights- all at your fingertips!

Data Analytics and Insights

Gain customer insights and make informed decisions with Sangoma's data analytics tools. Adapt strategies in real-time, optimize stock levels, and offer personalized promotions to drive revenue growth.

Networking Infrastructure

Sangoma offers secure and reliable networking solutions for retail businesses. QoS, VLANs, and strong security protocols ensure uninterrupted connectivity, protect sensitive data, and enhance network performance.

Security Solutions

Protect your retail operations with Sangoma's security solutions. Firewall protection, intrusion detection, VPNs, and more will keep your customer information and business data safe, building trust among your clientele.

Revolutionizing Retail:
Choose Excellence, Choose Sangoma

Take your retail game to the next level with Sangoma’s technology solutions. Streamline operations, improve functionality, and effortlessly expand with a vendor who comprehends the complexities of the retail industry. Numerous businesses have already chosen Sangoma Technologies as their technology vendor, and you can, too. Turn your retail store into a productive, customer-focused powerhouse.

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