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That’s right, Sangoma is offering new business customers a free Sangoma P315 phone or Sangoma H10 headset when you sign a 3-year, 4-year or 5-year unlimited Sangoma Cloud deal.

IMPORTANT: This promotion is available for a limited time only and expires 9/30/23.

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Experience Sangoma’s Cloud Business Communications

Deploy the perfect Communications Solution for your business with Sangoma Suite. 

Take advantage of a cloud UC solution

Highly scalable and perfect for growing companies, Sangoma’s UC Cloud services are easy to deploy and scale up or down. Gain greater flexibility, scalability, collaboration, security, and cost savings with a pure cloud solution while also streamlining communication and collaboration processes.

Collaboration at your fingertips

Collaborate seamlessly from different locations and devices with industry-leading mobile and desktop clients while utilizing instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen-sharing features. Improve communication, streamline workflows, and increase productivity, all while reducing costs and providing a scalable solution for future growth with Sangoma’s Collaboration solution.

Productivity Never Stops

Communicate on the go with Sangoma’s productivity applications. Stay connected with your team and communicate effectively on the go. Whether you need to send a quick SMS message, email campaign, or collaborate on a project, these apps can provide the tools you need to stay productive and connected.

Take Your Pick

Choose the Sangoma Cloud solution that works best for you.

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All-In-One Cloud Communications Solution
CommUnity is a Unified Communications (UC) solution designed to scale and grow as you grow. CommUnity unifies all your communication - voice, video, messaging, collaboration, conferencing, meetings, and call center – on one platform that’s easy to use and simple to run!
Enterprise Communications for The Small Business Budget
Looking for a comprehensive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses? Look no further than Switchvox Cloud! This intuitive and user-friendly platform is packed with features that will help boost your business and increase productivity.
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Reliable, Scalable Cloud Communications Solution
Experience a communications solution that streamlines and simplifies operations. Business Voice is the ultimate cloud communications platform for businesses needing seamless connectivity. Leverage an end-to-end system from an intuitive, browser-based interface. No hardware required!

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Terms and Conditions:
  1. Promotion Period: Begins 7/01/2023 and ends 9/30/2023.
  2. Sangoma will track eligibility for the Promotion by Booking date. (Deals booked prior to 7/01/2023 are not eligible for the Promotion).
  3. Any outstanding quote created prior to 7/01/2023 will need to be revised or created as a new quote to be eligible for this Promotion.
  4. Sangoma P315 Phone and Sangoma H10 Headset are both valued at $1.75 a month per device on a 5-year Rental Option with a minimum finance NRC of $10,000.
  5. Free Sangoma P315 Phone per each new SIP Phone sold with Rental Option deals only. All-inclusive Option deals are not eligible. The customer does not own the phone after the term of contract is complete.
  6. The amount of $1.75 a month can be applied to another Sangoma phone model of the Subscriber’s choice.
  7. Deal eligibility is based on Customers signing a minimum of a 3-year Subscriber Agreement with a minimum of 10 seats or 5 lines.
  8. The Promotion requires deals to be booked by 9/30/2023.
  9. This Promotion only applies for Rental Option Deals booked under Authorized Resellers, and does not apply to Rental Options booked under Sangoma Wholesalers.
  10. Eligible deals are for new Customers. Add-ons to existing Customer Locations are not eligible.
  11. For the purpose of the Promotion, an order is considered booked when uploaded and contains:
    • A Sangoma Subscription Agreement, if required, that is properly executed by the Customer; and
    • A signed bill of materials that details the items, quantities and pricing; and
    • An acceptable form of payment, or use of an available credit line, in the amount necessary.
  12. The Promotion cannot be combined with any offers from previous promotion periods.
  13. Sangoma reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice as the company sees fit.