Why SMBs Need Unified Communications

Unified Communications is not just for larger companies “that have the money” to spend on it. It’s not a luxury anymore. With the way workplaces have changed over the years, UC has become necessary for all companies. Today’s workforce arrives with the need to be mobile, the need to improve efficiency, and the need to reduce or at least streamline costs. That’s why UC becomes a critical element in any organization’s overall business communications strategy.

With many companies, including Sangoma, offering UC functionality as part of the basic phone system, UC is now available to all, at the same price as a basic phone system.

If you are an SMB, chances are you have a small (or non-existent) IT staff, so it’s important to look for solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, and maintain.   It’s also important to choose a vendor that specializes in SMB solutions rather than those that simply provide a limited, “lite” version of their enterprise product that still comes with an enterprise price tag.

In addition, working with a single vendor that can provide a complete solution can help simplify the process. For example, Sangoma offers one-stop shop convenience for its customers. We provide the phone system PBX with fully featured UC software, along with all the necessary hardware and software ‘extras’, like phones, gateways, SBCs, SIP trunking service, etc., to ensure robust, secure connectivity and reliable quality of service.

To find out some other reasons UC makes sense for SMBs, check out this white paper from BCS Strategies.

And please take a look at our UC solutions here.

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