Solutions for VoIP Service Providers

Sangoma Understands Service Providers

The service provider market demands an integrated level of scalability, interoperability, hardening, and security beyond that of even a mission-critical enterprise implementation. 

Sangoma understands that service providers sell a myriad of services to subscribers, connect and transport voice and data with other networks, and also deliver a vast array of services to enterprises. Since 1984, Sangoma has been selling direct to service providers, or partnering with value-add solution providers, to help create profitable services that can be delivered to enterprises.

Value-added VoIP Solutions

Sangoma enables our customers to create value-added solutions, but we also offer: Our team can also help you create your own cloud-based Unified Communications or fax infrastructure.

Products for Service Providers

Sangoma IMG 2020 Media Gateway

IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway

The Sangoma IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway enables efficient interworking between IP and PSTN networks via high-density optical, telephony, and Ethernet connections in a compact 1U form factor.

Sangoma SBC Stacked

Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) protect a business's VoIP network by connecting their infrastructure to a SIP Trunk, or VoIP connection, for security, interoperability, and transcoding.

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