Success Story


VoIP Service Provider Finds Quick and Easy Solution to STIR/SHAKEN mandates with Sangoma

The Customer

Voiply is an industry-leading VoIP server provider, delivering feature-rich services to residential and small business customers. From the beginning, Voiply focused on delivering low-cost, high-value services through its online portal, which is completely self-service. Over the years, they’ve further enriched their offerings by leveraging Sangoma’s Wholesale Carrier CPaaS product, called APIdaze, which enabled customization of services, bringing in over 1000 new customers every month.

Business Challenges

June 30th, 2022, the FCC mandated that all non-facilities-based voice service providers (VSPs) comply with STIR/SHAKEN regulations and have all on-network phone calls signed by a certificate authority to mitigate the growing number of robocalls and SPAM calls. The challenge for VSPs, including Voiply, is the technical complexity and time consumption required by them to update their phone network to comply with the regulation, which can be catastrophic to their bottom line. For Voiply the STIR/SHAKEN compliance process involved a lot of development work to update their customized phone system servers and reconfigure them to be able to sign calls. They worked with a certificate authority called Sansay, along with their engineers, to code through APIs to get the servers on their network to sign calls. “A lot of integration is required when trying to get your own PBXs to sign calls, and we were getting into the nitty gritty of technical integration with AWS, fusion servers, and much more with no end in sight,” said Shea Georgetti, Co-Owner of Voiply. “ We had already spent 30 hours of development work, keeping us away from our services and customers.”

Solutions from Sangoma

As Voiply had a close relationship with Sangoma Technologies, since they use their APIdaze CpaaS product, they were made aware that Sangoma offered a hosted solution specifically for STIR/SHAKEN call signing. The service offers a hands-off approach, requiring minimal effort by VSPs. The VSP simply sends their calls to Sangoma’s carrier network for call signing over the SIP trunks, versus requiring the VSP to handle all that responsibility through phone system network updates. This eliminates the need to purchase, configure, and maintain call signing servers and SBCs and allows the VSP to focus on its core business. As the STIR/SHAKEN regulation deadline was fast approaching, Voiply realized this service by Sangoma was the perfect fit and quickly adopted the solution.

The Results

To get their calls signed, they needed to send their outbound traffic to Sangoma’s Wholesale Carrier Services; their SIP trunks were preconfigured to utilize the Sangoma-hosted call signing service. They just needed to supply their certificate. Shea highly praised Sangoma’s Hosted Call Signing Service, calling it a “huge time saver.” Shea said, “The signing of calls on our trunks meant that we did not have to do any configuration or adjustments to our servers or network, allowing us to maintain our existing infrastructure.” This zero-touch solution has easily enabled Voiply and any other VSP to become STIR/SHAKEN compliant with full attestation. This new service addition to Voiply’s network further deepened their relationship with Sangoma as their trusted one-stop-shop for carrier service features, compliance needs, and general technical consultative support. To learn more about Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services, also known as VI Communication Services, visit