Success Story


VoIP Services Provider Partners with Sangoma to Offer Solutions for Small Business and Beyond

The Customer

Voiply is a VoIP provider offering feature-rich services to residential and small business customers. From the beginning, Voiply’s focus has been on offering low-cost services through an integrated checkout portal that enables customers to complete their transactions entirely online.

Business Challenges

Initially a white label partner for a larger telecom, Voiply was on a mission to begin offering their own VoIP solutions. Moving from reseller to provider not only allowed them to expand their service offerings, it also enabled them to offer more competitive pricing. Voiply began their search for an API driven provider that offers standards-based solutions enabling integration with most carriers. Their ultimate goal was to find a provider that offered everything they needed in one place: SIP trunks, E911, SMS, and CNAM. Reaching out to their existing vendors, Voiply found that these vendors could offer solutions that included everything, but none of them had a robust API integration. Turning to popular online vendors, they found it hard to find a solid WebRTC offering, and the pricing was much higher. Then, the Voiply team heard about VoIP Innovations, now a Sangoma Company. VoIP Innovations checked all the boxes for Voiply. Their solutions offer all the services Voiply was looking for, with the added bonus that the pricing is more competitive than the other solutions they had researched.

Solutions from Sangoma

Voiply’s first experience using VoIP Innovations was to build an email to fax solution utilizing VI SIP trunks that they could offer to their business customers. When the fax to email solution proved successful, they expanded into hosting their own VoIP environment with VoIP Innovations SMS-enabled SIP trunks. This allowed them to finally offer their business customers a solution of their own, ensuring total control over the customer experience and an opportunity to price more competitively. An early adopter of the APIdaze platform, Voiply built on their success by offering one of the first residential VoIP services integrated with the API. Then, over time, the developers expanded available features with APIdaze, allowing Voiply to launch the business VoIP service that had prompted their search for new solutions. Using feature-rich SIP trunking services from VoIP Innovations, a Sangoma Company, Voiply is able to offer highly flexible VoIP service to businesses and homes that is API driven and boasts E911, SMS, and CNAM functionality from the same source.

The Results

The immediate results were exciting for Voiply. Their customers were able to order service and make calls from Voiply’s app within minutes. For those businesses and homes that desire a physical phone system, a simple gateway appliance allows users to plug their analog phones into the Voiply service. In fact, by growing their business beyond SIP trunks along into their work focused on APIdaze, Voiply has grown considerably, adding thousands of new customers every year. This has only been possible because of Voiply’s partnership with VoIP Innovations and the APIdaze platform which enables them to offer highly integrated services that greatly reduce the burden on their sales and support teams, a vital driver in their growth and ability to service more customers. Asked why Voiply chose VoIP Innovations, Voiply’s President Felix Yanko had only profound praise to offer: “Finding a company that gives excellent support, has fully integrated solutions, and saves costs throughout is a rare find.”