Success Story


99% Uptime on Emergency Calling Service with the Deployment of Sangoma PRI Cards

The Customer

Topsgrup is a leading security group in Asia with over 125,000 employees and a network of more than 130 offices. Headquartered at Mumbai, India, the company has thousands of licensed officers deployed across the country. With their innovative business approach and dedicated workforce, Topsgrup prides itself in an industry-best customer retention rate of over 99.6%. For that to happen, dependable communication is essential.

Business Challenges

One of the key services of Topsgrup is providing security to high-profile VIPs like Bollywood celebrities, politicians, sportspersons, etc. The company operates an emergency helpline number and a fleet of rescue vans. When a VIP customer is on the street and needs help either due to a medical emergency, fire, vehicle emergency, or even mobbed by a crowd, they dial in the emergency helpline number and the rescue van closest to the vicinity reaches them in a minimum possible time. There were 3 critical aspects to the solutions required by Topsgrup: 1. 24/7 availability of the emergency helpline service 2. Seamless inbound and outbound calling abilities with highest voice quality 3. Advanced contact center feature solutions that includes call-log tracking, integration with GPS, caller ID, agent metrics, reporting, etc. Topsgrup contacted Elision TechnoLab LLP, Sangoma’s partner and a leading contact center solutions provider in India. Elision helped Topsgrup to upgrade their communication system to include the desired features with help from Sangoma hardware.

Solutions from Sangoma

As described above, Topsgrup’s setup is a domestic contact center solution with 16 extensions and 2 PRI lines to the PSTN. Elision deployed their contact center solution and 2 Port Sangoma PRI card (A102) for Topsgrup. The A102 card is a robust voice and data card and supports 60 simultaneous voice calls (or 4,096 Mbps full duplex data). Primary reasons for using Sangoma A102 card in this setup: 1. The well-known use case of pairing the cards with your favourite contact center solution to create a voice gateway for high volume inbound/outbound calls. 2. Supported the PBX and Operating System that the Elision solution was built on 3. Echo Cancellation – critical for superior voice quality. In the case of Topsgrup, the Sangoma 2-port PRI card was a perfect solution as it provided dedicated ports for high availability and voice gateway for high volume inbound and outbound calls in the emergency helpline. The unique feature of the Sangoma PRI card is their flexibility and superior compatibility in most commercially available servers and motherboards and supported in most Linux and Windows operating systems. They are the number 1 choice amongst Asterisk, FreePBX, SS7, and Voice API integrators with a wide range of protocol support including PRI, CAS MFCR2, SS7 and WAN protocols. The Sangoma card is backed by the robust Wanpipe device driver which offered a suite of diagnostic functionality, such as on-board PCAP line tracing (signaling and RTP), line statistics and audio tracing. The Wanpipe driver also improves the Asterisk system performance by 70%, resulting in more simultaneous calls and increased ROI!

The Results

The deployment from Elision took 2-3 weeks and resulted in a stable emergency helpline system with almost 100% uptime for the customer. All the calls and SMS are routed through Elision Contact Center solution which uses the Sangoma PRI card. The use of Sangoma cards has resulted in an enhancement in voice-quality too, taking the solution to a new level. For Topsgrup, the solution has resulted in valuable cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. The latter is crucial because the primary aim of the business is to deliver effective security to their clients and to maintain the high customer retention rate.