Success Story


A Leading Hospital Increased Responsiveness with Sangoma PRI Card

The Customer

Sterling Accuris Wellness Pvt. Ltd is a multispecialty diagnostics company. It is a No. 1 company in Gujarat with a maximum number of laboratories and multiple branches across India as well. It has been empowering the healthcare industry in India for more than 5 years though under Sterling Group for more than two decades. It has veteran and smart doctors who specialize in more than 63 areas. It is known as the most trusted health partner of Life in India. It uses the state of the art infrastructure and tools developed using cutting edge technologies.

Business Challenges

Communication is an important part of Sterling Accuris as it offers various remote services such as booking appointments for health check-ups, finding doctors, etc. Along with these services, there are many other areas that include telephonic conversations such as information related to COVID 19 test bookings, test reports, etc. Sterling Accuris Wellness Pvt. Ltd used for an ePBX system, which was connected with the physical desk phones of their customer care representatives. The staff of Sterling Accuris Wellness Pvt. Ltd used phones and intercoms, which were connected with the ePBX for internal and outbound communication. However, there was no software as well as there was no availability of a network based system. While using this integrated solution, the team was facing many challenges. Some of the major challenges faced by the diagnostic center are listed below: There was no feature to track missed calls or dropped calls. This was a major reason for the loss of leads and caused a bad customer experience in some cases when a caller calls multiple times, but he/ she listens to the busy tone continuously. • There was no provision to record phone calls to assure the quality of calls. • Call detail reports and call logs were not available for performance reviews for better strategy and planning. • The ePBX system had some limitations because of which some important jobs could not be automated such as automated callback, customer call history and customer information brief within the system, etc. • Real time performance and productivity monitoring system was missing to supervise the team from the desk of the team leader. • Call queue provisioning was not available to inform callers to stay on the line for X minutes as the customer care representative was handling another call at the moment. • Outbound calls need to be dialed manually, which used to waste a lot of time of representatives who handle the outbound calls. This further used to reduce productivity. • There was no option to check the history of the caller during a live call. It means the customer care executives don’t get information related to the customer, his main concern, and how many times he or she has called at Sterling Accuris Wellness Pvt. Ltd. All these limitations of the system in place were causing several roadblocks. Sterling Accuris Wellness Pvt. Ltd has always been determined to deliver exceptional customer experience. To meet that vision of the diagnostics center, the admin had to put more manual resources and desk phones to assure all calls are getting answered. Elision’s goal was to cater to the customer with a reliable communication solution that can handle parallel calls and call tracking and other features in the software.

Solutions from Sangoma

Elision provided a call center solution with multiple features to meet their communication related needs. To provide a turnkey solution, Elision had chosen to use Sangoma 2 Port PRI Card. Along with the omnichannel call center solution, Elision deployed Sangoma 2 Port PRI card, which supports 60 channels. The hospital that used to have the capacity to handle a single call with a single number at a time could handle up to 60 parallel calls after deployment of Sangoma PRI card. The PRI cards of Sangoma met one of the major needs of handling multiple customer calls in parallel so more customers can be attended at the same time.

The Results

• 50% of time saving • 100% boost in productivity • 100% calls get responded; even missed and dropped calls • 100% availability of call logs and reports • 100% logs of missed calls to take proper action • 98.99% of SLA (Service Level Agreement) • 80.25% of better resource utilization • Enhanced customer experience • Increased customer satisfaction • Increased staff morale and work satisfaction • Easy verification of information using call recording files • Personalization of calls • Empowered communication system of diagnostics center • Ease of manual resource management based on the call volume • And many more