Success Story

PMC Bank

Sangoma PRI Cards Provide Seamless Calling Experience to a Leading Bank

The Customer

The PMC bank (Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank) is a multi-state, urban co-operative bank headquartered in Mumbai and has operations in several Indian states including Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Honored by the Reserve Bank of India, PMC bank serves its customers across the country with a strong network of over 127 branch offices. The bank has several firsts to its credit including 12 hours uninterrupted service (8 am to 8 pm), 360 days banking (Sunday and Holiday banking), tele-banking service and women empowerment (70% women employees). The PMC bank operates with a goal of becoming the most preferred premier co-operative bank in India, and is delivering increased customer excellence through its services to make that happen.

Business Challenges

PMC deals with thousands of people on daily basis, both in-person and by phone. To grow and reach their goal as most preferred, remaining connected with its customers is crucial. PMC needed a powerful contact center solution to meet its demand for customer support and lead generation. To do this, the banks started a toll-free number service using a 3rd party call center service provider. The 3rd party calling service created several concerns:  The quality of service from the outsourced company was below expectations  The turnaround time was much higher compared to an in-house contact center  Poor mechanisms were used to capture and analyze the call-center metrics  No availability of advanced features like IVR, SMS etc.  Restrictions on 3rd party calling by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)  The high cost of maintaining a 3rd party contact center PMC needed an affordably priced, in-house contact center solution which would enable them to have full control of their customer care division. That is when they approached Elision TechnoLab LLP. Elision TechnoLab LLP is a well-known VoIP solution provider in India and a premium integrator for Sangoma products. The company has carried out numerous successful deployments by combining their solution with Sangoma’s telephony cards and digital and analog gateways to provide a cost-effective, fail-proof call center solution to customers.

Solutions from Sangoma

Elision undertook the task of deploying a custom-designed, multi-functional, robust, in-house contact center solution for PMC. The solution had to be stable and provide seamless inbound and outbound calling experience. The total implementation time was around 2-3 weeks and was carried out at the bank head-office at Bhandup, Mumbai. Elision used the Sangoma 2-port Echo Cancellation A102 cards which are optimized for voice and data over E1 lines. The solution needed a High Availability (HA) requirement between two servers, each equipped with a Sangoma PRI Card. Elision delivered the HA environment successfully. The turnkey solution implemented at PMC had the following functional environment:  Elision Contact Center Solution  PRI line: 2  Sangoma 1 Port 2 PRI CARD with HA Primary reasons for using Sangoma A102 card in this setup: 1. The need for a stable tele-calling solution with 100% uptime 2. Integration between the 2 PRI lines and the contact center solution 3. Superior voice quality through Echo Cancellation feature The 2-port A102 card was a perfect solution as it provided dedicated ports for high availability and voice gateway for high volume inbound and outbound calls. A102 cards, equipped with “crash proof” field upgradeable firmware, are the most reliable and flexible telephony cards available in the market. They provide the requisite hardware infrastructure of the highest quality to this deployment. Although the A102 cards are modular, they are tested, assembled and supplied as a unit, complete with cables.

The Results

The deployment was a perfect combination of contact center solution of Elision and Sangoma PRI cards which helped the bank to achieve seamless calling. The cards supported HD quality calling during inbound and outbound calls. Overall, the PMC bank got a superior quality in-house contact center solution the following advantages:  Better customer satisfaction scores with their independent tele-service  Full ownership of their customer care department  Significant improvements in processes across the company in general By replacing the 3rd party contact center with a new in-house setup, the PMC bank reduced the total costs by 50%. The real bonus was that these cost savings enabled PMC to add more agents to their contact center, leading to higher business achievements.