Success Story

La Vela Saigon Hotel

The La Vela Saigon Hotel Upgrades Communications with Sangoma

The Customer

La Vela Saigon Hotel is one of the largest 5-star luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of Vietnam’s southern coast. Since their founding, La Vela has been a leader in the Vietnamese hospitality industry. Today, La Vela is a beacon of experience, quality, and success for travelers seeking luxurious accommodations. The La Vela Saigon Hotel strives to provide the ultimate hotel experience by offering warm welcomes, quality surroundings, and great service.

Business Challenges

Desiring to remain at the forefront of the latest technology, the La Vela Saigon Hotel decided it needed an advanced communications solution to enhance guest experience, improve customer service and staff productivity, and lower communication costs. This began a search to find a solution that would vastly improve both internal and external communications for the hotel while simplifying the management of voice, messaging, and application platforms.

Solutions from Sangoma

Sangoma helped design a custom solution for the La Vela Saigon Hotel, engineered to their requirements. This involved totally transforming the communication infrastructure for La Vela with a PBXact system equipped with pmslink software to offer easy integration with their property management system. The hotel’s PBXact system was built to support up to 1200 licensed extensions and 350 simultaneous calls. To complete their solution, the hotel deployed almost 300 IP phones from Sangoma’s S-Series line, designed for PBXact and FreePBX systems. This gave receptionists and staff access to features they did not have on their legacy business phone system, elevating communication efficiency to keep guest satisfaction at an all-time high.

The Results

Sangoma’s partnership with La Vela renovated its communication channels and helped the hotel ensure that its guest service, staff efficiency, and overall experience was in keeping with their 5-star reputation. Staff at the hotel particularly appreciated the fast delivery and installation of the new PBXact system as well as the excellent technical support they received from their local Sangoma distributor.