Success Story


Gourmet Contact Center Solutions are on the Menu for Retail Food Chain Outlet Group

The Customer

Kaykroo is a macroscale cloud kitchen business dedicated to creating amazing food experiences. Their data-driven ‘brick and click’ platform offers virtual restaurants a cloud solution where technology meets nourishment, modern meets traditional, and creativity meets efficiency. They are currently growing the number of brands offered on their cloud kitchen platform, with a growth goal of five times their current size by 2024.

Business Challenges

Kaykroo’s existing call system was agent based, unstable, and expensive. Not only was their license-based payment plan running high monthly bills, but the system also did not allow for integration with their CRM, further limiting their growth potential. With multiple branches across UAE and Saudi Arabia, Kaykroo was in need of a more flexible solution that could handle increasing call volumes for delivery orders, as well as be customized to their needs. They wanted an open call center solution with enhanced reporting functions and support for CRM integration.

Solutions from Sangoma

Kaykroo turned to NETON Technologies to help them find the perfect contact center solution for their needs. NETON, a Sangoma Partner, evaluated several solutions from vendors including Panasonic and NEC, but found that none of them could provide the level of customization and flexibility Kaykroo needed. Sangoma was the only provider that offered a contact center solution with CRM integration support, the ability to handle more than 15,000+ orders per month using a single Toll-Free number, and detailed reporting capabilities. NETON chose Sangoma’s open source FreePBX platform to create Kaykroo’s ideal contact center solution, which provided features and functionality like:  Caller ID integration with CRM  Automatic caller information management  Agent performance, call flow, peak time, and SLA reporting

The Results

Kaykroo’s new and improved contact center gave them a stable solution with seamless ease of use, high-value reporting, increased efficiency and productivity, and a fully customizable platform. Their staff enjoyed the simplicity of placing orders when caller information was automatically displayed on screen via CRM integration. Managers enjoyed the increased oversight provided by in-depth reporting and the intuitive dashboards. Overall, Sangoma’s contact center capabilities proved to be the ideal solution for Kaykroo’s business needs and mission-critical goals.