Success Story


Radio Station Company’s New Customizable Call Management System from Sangoma is Music to Their Ears

The Customer

ARN operates five radio stations including City1016, Virgin Radio, Dubai Eye, Hit 96.7, and Tag 911.

Business Challenges

ARN needed a call management solution that could unify and streamline their five radio stations, including some unique features. Their requirements included:  An open, SIP-based PBX  Programmable T1/E1 cards with a complex dial plan  Flexible and simple DID routing NETON considered several options to fulfill ARN’s needs for their call management system, but proprietary vendor solutions from companies such as Cisco and Avaya couldn’t support their needs. In order to combine a powerful, flexible calling experience with their AV solution that could work harmoniously with their broadcast solution, manage their radio stations in a single PBX, and customize the system to their needs, Sangoma was the only provider that offered all of these capabilities.

Solutions from Sangoma

After deciding to implement Sangoma’s solutions for ARN, NETON deployed the customized AV Broadcast system with Bionics and Sangoma’s customized platform across all five radio stations over the course of one month.

The Results

ARN immediately enjoyed smooth call handling and a stable communications system. They did not experience any downtime and their new call management solution was easily configured to their exact specifications. ARN’s favorite features were the openness of the system, easy dial plan, and license free solution based on Asterisk with strong technical support from the Sangoma team.