PBXact UC Solution


Unify Your Team and Connect with Your Customers, from Any Device, Anywhere.

PBXact Cloud is designed for small-to-medium businesses looking for a feature-rich phone service, with built-in productivity and collaboration features, accessible from anywhere you are, on any device you choose. Integrated advanced features provide your callers with a great experience, from a professional greeting, automatic routing based on time-of-day and also options to be called back if your phone lines are tied up.

Because PBXact Cloud is a centralized internet based solution, not only are all your advanced features pushed to all your desktop and mobile devices, they are always self-aware, so that you never miss a phone call, chat messages or text messages from any of your local or remote users.

Key Features and Benefits

No PBX Hardware

PBXact is a fully hosted system, we take care of all the hassle of the infrastructure maintenance, so you don’t have to.


No matter where you are, your PBX is always accessible with our softphone clients for desktop in Windows/MacOS, and for your iOS/Android smartphone!


Since PBXact Cloud is a cloud solution, you can expand with PBXact Cloud as your business needs grow. Simply add users or trunks as you need them!


For businesses with more than one site, a single instance of PBXact Cloud can give you telephony service across all your sites with all users experiencing the same features from the same PBX.

Easy Setup

Configure your PBX without requiring advanced OS knowledge, and quickly provision your Sangoma IP Phones and other SIP devices.

Contact Center

Deliver the best customer experience with our built-in contact center features and receive inbound sales or support phone calls. Progressive dialing is also available!

Take Your Office With You

Empower end users to manage features like voicemail, call forwarding, presence, conference rooms and contact groups from any device.


Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your PBX and your endpoints, directly from our desktop and mobile clients.


Using the latest data center technology together with rigorous back-ups and resiliency means that moving to the cloud reduces risk.


PBXact automation configures and optimizes security by default. External firewall security is provided by Sangoma Cloud Services, without Fraud Risk to the end customer.

We’ll take care of all the upgrades so that you benefit from features as they become available, it is a future proof solution! Backups are also automated and protected by Sangoma Cloud Services.
Comply with the latest telecom and security mandates, with E911 and E911 compliance automatically set up, in accordance to Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act.

Get Your Office Up and Running in Four Simple Steps!

Step 2

Select additional services like ‘call-center’ or even automatic integration with Sangoma IP Phones.

Step 3

Register your account upon check out and start adding users, who get their own phone number, voicemail box.

Step 4

Configure your auto-attendant greeting and office hours to automatically redirect callers based on time-of-day.

Take advantage of automatic provisioning so your phones configure themselves as soon as you plug them in! Also have access to built-in “Phone Apps” letting you take control of the Phone’s display to use your most popular features. No more feature codes to remember!

Two ways to boost productivity by combining Sangoma IP Phones:

  • Sangoma’s IP phone rental program has a variety of models available and gives you full advantage of cost savings & productivity with PBXact Cloud.
  • Or, you can choose to order your phones at the same time you purchase & configure your PBXact Cloud services. This way you can have your phones delivered to you already pre-provisioned to work with your new setup.

Empowering Users

Allow users to control their extension features directly from their personalized dashboards, completely accessible from the internet. Users can create and monitor their own conference rooms, listen & delete their voicemails, and customize the look & feel of their popular feature with widgets and dashboards.

Communicate with your Customers

PBXact Cloud allows you to select new numbers or bring your own numbers with you – a service called porting.

PBXact Cloud gives you the freedom to select as few or as many numbers as you need. If you need one inbound number, also known as a DID, you can have all your customers call that number and then use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to allow callers to dial an extension or a business function like sales or support. Other businesses might require that everyone in the organization has a public number that they can advertise, no problem it’s easy to associate an inbound number directly with an extension. The caller will be routed directly to the extension. Of course, it’s no problem to mix the two and have some users with DIDs and others accessible through an IVR.