Media and Interface Boards

DNI Boards

DNI (Digital Network Interface) Boards provide a native PSTN interface to Dialogic® PowerMedia Host Media Processing (HMP) Software. DNI Boards enable efficient VoIP gateway functionality to be built into PowerMedia HMP telephony applications. They also break the traditional DSP-based media span paradigm by providing a digital network interface ready for use with virtually any configuration of host-based media resources, which complement the base gateway capability.


Interface Boards

DNI Half Length Boards are standard-height PCI Express format providing a native PSTN interface to PowerMediaTM Host Media Processing (HMP) Software. These half-size DNI Boards can be used in place of full-size PCI Express format DNI Boards of equivalent density in applications using PowerMedia HMP without programming changes. DNI boards are compatible with the DSI SS7 Protocol Stacks, allowing combining HMP media on the host, with SS7 signaling on board.

Combined Boards

The four-line D/4PCIUF and D/4PCIU4S combined media boards are ideal for small- and medium-sized enterprise computer telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance, cost aggressive media processing, but do not require the large-scale system sophistication of SCbus- or CT Bus-based products.