Diva Boards

Diva BRI Boards

The Diva BRI offer voice, speech, conferencing, VoIP, modem and fax features, and can serve as a base for many communication applications.

The boards support many standard applications and are also suitable for new application development.

The Diva BRI are available in Low Profile or Half Size form factors. The Diva BRI can be seamlessly combined with other Diva® Media Boards, such as analog, E1/T1, ISDN PRI, and VoIP.

The Diva 4BRI-8 PCI board shares the same features with its PCI Express (PCIe) version, so the migration from PCI Server hardware to PCI Express hardware is easy.

The Diva BRI support the same set of application interfaces as other Diva Media Boards: the three Diva® APIs as well as CAPI, COM port, WAN Miniport, and TTY. Because of this consistent interface support, applications written for another Diva Media Board will normally work without modification with Diva BRI.

The Diva UM-4BRI-8 support fax transmissions on half (50%) of their available channels. The feature-set of the Diva UM series has been designed to meet the needs of typical Unified Messaging applications.

The Diva BRI-2 and 4BRI-8 boards support V.34 fax transmissions on all (100%) available channels. The Diva BRI-2 and 4BRI-8 boards are usually referred to as part of the Universal series.

  • Diva 4BRI-8 PCIe 306-341 - 8 port – PCIe – 8 Channels fax (V.34) – Half Size Form Factor
  • Diva UM-4BRI-8 PCIe 306-380 - 8-port – PCIe – 4 Channels fax (V.34) – Half Size Form Factor

Key Features and Benefits


Easy scalability and flexibility to address an organization’s communications needs in changing environments, such as VoIP.


Allows application compatibility with major PBXs and can make a system based Diva® technology ready for worldwide use.

Quick Plug-and-Play Deployment

Reduces porting efforts and time to market by making Diva Media Boards compatible with most standard telephony and communications applications.

Efficient, Easy Design

Operates with low power consumption, has a sophisticated hardware design, and permits easy installation and operation.

Reduce Footprint

Up to eight or more Diva Media Boards of the same or different types can operate concurrently in a single server.

SUP.Services and Protocols

Implements most supplementary services and many different analog signaling protocols.

On-Board DSP

Depending on the version of the Diva V-xPRI Media Board, 3, 5, 6 or 12 powerful DSPs are available per trunk (E1/T1/J1/ISDN PRI). One powerful DSP dedicated to each communications channel.


Permits legacy voice, speech, and conferencing applications to be used with VoIP clients and IP phones.


Voice packetization into Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), adaptive jitter buffer, voice compression (G.726, GSM), and Comfort Noise Generation (CNG).

Keep Host Performance

Can remove performance bottlenecks by offloading key real-time tasks that would ordinarily place an excessive burden on the host server, allowing Quality of Service (for example, voice quality and connection speed) to be more consistent.

Real-Time Processing

Provides real-time processing of complex operations (such as V.90 data modem, V.34 fax receiver and transmitter, voice compression, or 256 ms echo cancellation) without reducing overall system performance, which lowers implementation costs.

Powerful On-Board Performance

Onboard CPU with large RAM and powerful FPGA chip for fast data streaming between the host CPU, the DSPs, the phone line, and the other active components onboard.