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Enhance Communications with Instant Sangoma Urgent Notify

The Sangoma Urgent Notify app sends notifications regarding urgent calls to designated text and email endpoints when triggered by an alert action such as calling 911 from a Sangoma service connected phone.

Use Cases:
  • Security threats, lockdowns
  • Emergency response
  • Reporting criminal or suspicious activity
  • Activating severe weather response teams
  • Activating emergency response plans
  • Fires & evacuations
  • Key Features and Benefits

    Emergency Call Monitoring

    Monitors Emergency Calls (e911 or configured numbers) to enhance organization safety plans.

    Real-Time Notifications

    Notifies recipients in real-time via text and/or email when an emergency call is made.

    System Acknowledgements

    Tracks and processes acknowledgments via embedded web links for improved feedback loop and SLA enforcements.

    After Hours Availability

    After hours SMS and email alerts enabling real-time responses to any event.

    Panic Button

    Supports dedicated extension setup to function as a “panic” button that sends messages to a response team.


    Additional workflow customization available through professional services,

    In-Depth Call Details

    Relays call details to recipients including caller extension, caller location, and caller name.

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