Oracle Connector: Enabling the Hospitality / Sangoma PBXact Conversation

The hospitality segment is a challenging industry that is ever looking for ways to enhance their guest experience, maximize staff efficiency, and improve internal communications. With a Property Management System at the core of hotel business operations, integrating different technologies to existing infrastructure is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity that traveling customers demand.

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Sangoma Property Manager for PBXact and PBXact CloudSangoma already offers several options to meet hospitality needs, like its own Property Management Module embedded in the PBX GUI for small to medium hotels, or the possibility of connecting via middleware to the most popular property management platforms worldwide.

Adding to our hospitality services portfolio, we have now released the Oracle Connector Add-on which enables hotels, resorts, guest houses, etc. to provide superior customer service and reduce operational costs by allowing direct communication between an Oracle Property Management System, such as Oracle® Hospitality OPERA (formerly Fidelio), and Sangoma’s flexible and open-source Asterisk based UC system, PBXact.

The Oracle-certified Connector Addon provides synchronization between databases, allowing the automation of formerly manual processes such as activating and deactivating guest room phones and voicemail upon check-in and check-out, signaling room cleanliness status, arranging a wake-up call, and providing emergency calling.

Guest room telephone devices are also automatically updated with guest information so by the time the guest walks into the room, their name is already set up, and it will also be displayed to the service staff, so they know at a glance who is requesting service. Overall, having shortened response times, helps the staff to be proactive to guest needs, making guests feel valued, and increasing their likelihood to come back and give good reviews, attracting further potential guests.

We are all so used to using our personal mobile devices wherever we go to make long-distance calls via the Internet, that it is somewhat surprising to discover that communication expenses are still one of the top expenses in the hospitality business. In any case, the Oracle Connector allows the creation of taxes and assigning of billing rates automatically, ensuring accurate billing of call charges to the corresponding guest account.

With business and pleasure travel numbers picking up again, now is the right time to automate processes with Sangoma’s flexible communication systems, and streamline maximum benefits for both the guest and the hotel staff. Take a look at the new Oracle Connector Add-on manual in our wiki, and start delivering robust hospitality solutions.

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