Old News and Reasons for Keeping your System Updated

FreePBX and Asterisk Old News ImageLast week there was some buzz about a security flaw in FreePBX. It started with CheckPoint, and then a few outlets picked it up. One problem. It was a year old issue. And we acted on it back then quickly. Would have been great if CheckPoint or the others that picked up the story had checked with the FreePBX team or community before just blurting this out there, so they would have had the most up to date information.

Lorne Gaetz’s excellent blog on this topic goes into more depth about the issue.

Anyway, I also write this blog to remind folks that software needs to be updated because of many reasons, one of which is the plugging of security holes. For those of us that use Windows, it happens often but I do it because I know it’s important – plus the reminders just won’t go away. For those on FreePBX, PBXact, Asterisk, etc. – this is a good reminder to make sure you have updated your systems to the latest software. If you have any questions about FreePBX specifically, please utilize the FreePBX community forums or contact Sangoma support.

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