Offering Unified Communications as an ILEC, CLEC, or Coop Telecom

Way back in March, I wrote a blog about the need for telecom coops, ILECs (Independent Local Exchange Carriers) or small CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) to potentially update their network infrastructure. Within that blog, I also talked about how they could offer their own Unified Communications solution to their business customers.

Many of these types of service providers also provide internet, TV and other non-voice services and thus have their own datacenters. So instead of offering businesses on-prem voice service (in form of a PBX that would go into the “communications closet” in a business), these service providers could offer business a modern hosted UC system. How? Because they could take Sangoma Switchvox in the Virtual Machine incarnation and put it into their datacenter.

One telecom co-op who utilized Switchvox in this fashion was Farmers Telecom. They wanted to provide hosted UC to their business customers, but the softswitch provider’s solution was untenable for a cloud solution, and too costly. Farmers Telecom turned to Switchvox to provide a full UC solution to their business customers. And they were so impressed it turned out they adopted it as their own business communication system they use in their business, with over 120 seats.

Read the full Farmers Telecom case study here.

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